Sweet and Chewy: The Gummy Treats that Started It All

By Nils Feb 12, 2020

When we think of gummy treats, a few iconic candies immediately come to mind. These sweet and chewy delights have captivated our taste buds and sparked a global gummy craze. In this post, let’s take a nostalgic trip back in time to explore the gummy treats that started it all.

  1. Gummy Bears: Gummy bears are perhaps the most iconic gummy candy of all time. They were first created by German confectioner Hans Riegel in the 1920s, who named them “Gummibärchen” (meaning “little rubber bears” in German). These bite-sized and bear-shaped candies quickly became a sensation, evolving into a staple treat worldwide.
  2. Gummy Worms: In the late 1980s, gummy worms emerged as a popular gummy candy. Modeled after the wriggly creatures, these long and colorful gummies delighted both kids and adults. Their playful and whimsical appearance made them an instant hit, and today, gummy worms can be found in a variety of flavors and sizes.
  3. Gummy Fish: Inspired by marine life, gummy fish made a splash in the gummy candy world. These aquatic-shaped candies offer a fruity flavor and a chewy texture that resemble their swimming counterparts. Whether done in a classic fish shape or as colorful tropical fish, these candies bring a touch of fun to gummy snacking.
  4. Gummy Rings: Gummy rings, also known as gummi peach rings, introduced a new shape and texture to the gummy candy lineup. Consisting of a chewy gummy layer coated in sugar, these ring-shaped treats offer a combination of sweet and tangy flavors. Their whimsical and playful appearance make them a popular choice for gummy enthusiasts.
  5. Sour Patch Kids: Sour Patch Kids revolutionized the gummy candy world by combining sour and sweet flavors in one delicious treat. These small, fruit-shaped candies initially deliver a tangy and sour experience, followed by a burst of sweetness. With their unique flavor profile, Sour Patch Kids quickly gained a dedicated following.

Gummy treats have come a long way since their humble beginnings. From the timeless charm of gummy bears to the creative and playful varieties that followed, each of these gummy treats has left an indelible mark on the candy industry. They continue to bring joy and delight to people of all ages, making the world a sweeter place one chewy bite at a time.

By Nils

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