Ode to Gummy Bears: The Classic Candies We Love

By Nils Mar 18, 2022

Oh, gummy bears, how we adore your timeless charm,

A classic candy that never fails to disarm.

With your squishy, chewy texture and vibrant hue,

You bring joy to our hearts with each bite we do.

Red, orange, yellow, green, your colors delight,

A rainbow of sweetness that’s oh-so bright.

From your ears to your paws, you’re simply grand,

A bear-shaped candy loved across the land.

Your flavors burst with fruity goodness, it’s true,

Strawberry, lemon, raspberry, and so many more to pursue.

Each little bear, a burst of taste in our mouth,

A symphony of flavors from north to south.

Tropical gummy bears, with pineapple and mango,

Take us to sunny shores with each juicy tango.

Sour gummy bears, a tangy sensation,

Tickling our taste buds with zesty temptation.

Whether we nibble on one or devour a handful,

You bring smiles and happiness, oh so grand.

A childhood favorite that still brings delight,

We relish the memories you ignite.

From picnics to movie nights, you’ve been a faithful friend,

Through ups and downs, your sweetness doesn’t end.

Oh, gummy bears, you’re truly iconic,

A classic candy that’s nothing short of magic.

So here’s to gummy bears, the candies we hold dear,

Thank you for bringing us joy year after year.

We’ll continue to savor your flavors with glee,

Oh, gummy bears, forever ours you’ll be.

By Nils

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