Gummy Science Lab: Conducting Experiments with Gummy Treats

By Nils Oct 21, 2019

Welcome to the Gummy Science Lab! Today, we will explore some fun and educational experiments that you can conduct with gummy treats. Get ready to mix science and sweetness for a hands-on learning experience. Let’s dive in!

  1. Dissolving Gummies: Grab different liquids, such as water, oil, vinegar, or citrus juice, and observe how gummy candies react when immersed in each one. Record any changes in size, texture, or color. This simple experiment illustrates the solubility of gummy candies and how different liquids can affect them.
  2. Gummy Absorption: Fill separate cups with different common household liquids, like soda, water, milk, or fruit juice. Drop a gummy candy into each cup and observe how they expand or absorb the liquid over time. It’s an exciting way to explore absorption and the osmosis process.
  3. Gummy Bear Osmosis: This classic experiment demonstrates osmosis using gummy bears. Place gummy bears in cups filled with different solutions of varying concentrations, like sugar water, saltwater, or plain water. Monitor the changes in size and texture of the gummy bears as they absorb or release water due to osmosis.
  4. Gummy Candy Density: Test the densities of various gummy candies by carefully dropping them into a container of water. Observe which candies sink and which float. Discuss the reasons behind the different levels of density, such as sugar content or air bubbles trapped inside the candies.
  5. Gummy Candy Structures: Challenge yourself to build strong structures using gummy candies and toothpicks or skewers. Explore various geometric designs or try to construct bridges, towers, or arches. Observe how the gummy candies work as building blocks and learn about structural stability and engineering.
  6. Gummy Candy Dissolving Rates: Take gummy candies of different sizes and place them in cups of warm, room temperature, and cold water. Observe how the dissolving rates differ based on temperature and size. This experiment explores how temperature affects the rate of dissolution.

Remember, while conducting these experiments, ask questions, document your observations, and discuss your findings. Encourage curiosity and critical thinking, and let scientific exploration merge with the sweetness of gummy candies. The Gummy Science Lab is open for you to explore and enjoy the scientific wonders of gummy treats!

By Nils

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