Gummy Revolution in the Kitchen: Savory Gummy Recipes

By Nils Jan 8, 2020

Gummy candies have long been associated with sweet and fruity flavors, but there is a new revolution happening in the kitchen – the rise of savory gummy recipes. Culinary enthusiasts and adventurous chefs are exploring the world of savory gummies, incorporating unexpected flavors and creating unique taste experiences. In this post, we will dive into the savory gummy revolution and share some exciting recipes to try in your own kitchen.

  1. Cheese Gummies: Who would have thought that cheese could be turned into gummy form? This innovative recipe uses gelatin, cheese, and other seasonings to create small, bite-sized savory gummy treats. From cheddar to parmesan, the options for cheese gummies are limitless. Serve them as appetizers or pair them with a charcuterie board for a delightful twist on traditional cheese.
  2. Bacon Gummies: Bacon lovers rejoice! Bacon gummies offer a fun and unexpected way to enjoy the smoky, savory flavors of everyone’s favorite meat. By combining bacon fat, gelatin, and various seasonings, you can create chewy bacon gummies. They can be enjoyed on their own or used as a garnish to add a unique touch to dishes like salads or soups.
  3. Sriracha Gummies: For those who love a spicy kick, sriracha gummies are a must-try. These gummies combine the tangy heat of sriracha sauce with a sweet and savory flavor profile. With the right balance of heat and sweetness, they make a fantastic snack or a zesty addition to Asian-inspired dishes.
  4. Vinegar Gummies: Vinegar is not just for salad dressings anymore. Vinegar gummies offer a tangy and slightly sour flavor experience. Mix your choice of vinegar, such as apple cider or balsamic, with gelatin and sweeteners to create these unique gummies. They can be enjoyed as a palate cleanser or a surprising addition to your recipe repertoire.
  5. Herb and Spice Gummies: Experiment with different herbs and spices to create savory gummies that are bursting with flavor. Think rosemary and sea salt, ginger and turmeric, or chili and lime. These gummies can be incorporated into savory dishes as a flavor enhancer or enjoyed on their own as a tasty and satisfying snack.

The savory gummy revolution opens up a whole new world of culinary creativity. By thinking outside the box and experimenting with unexpected flavors, you can create savory gummies that add a unique twist to your meals. So, embrace the revolution, gather your ingredients, and let your imagination run wild in the kitchen!

By Nils

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