Gummy Destination: Traveling the World Through Gummy Candy

By Nils Sep 30, 2021

Embarking on a gummy candy adventure allows us to travel the world, exploring different cultures and flavors without leaving home. Gummy candies from various countries take us on a sensory journey, each bite offering a taste of a different destination. So, let’s set off on our gummy destination tour and discover the delicious delights awaiting us around the globe.

  1. Germany: Our first stop is Germany, home to the iconic gummy bear. German gummy candies, known as “Gummibärchen,” come in an array of fruit flavors like cherry, lemon, and raspberry. These chewy and vibrant candies are a favorite among young and old, and their popularity has spread worldwide.
  2. Japan: Moving east, we arrive in Japan, where gummy candies are highly regarded for their unique flavors and playful textures. From traditional fruity gummies to matcha green tea-flavored treats, Japan offers a vast array of options. Try their “konpeito,” a small, crystal-like candy with a delicate flavor that melts in your mouth.
  3. Sweden: Our next destination is Sweden, renowned for its delectable gummies known as “godis.” Swedish gummies often feature flavors like lingonberry, cloudberries, or even salty licorice. The combination of sweet and savory flavors makes Swedish gummies an intriguing and distinct experience.
  4. Mexico: Prepare your taste buds for a fiesta as we head to Mexico, where gummies known as “gomitas” are beloved treats. Mexican gummies come in various tropical flavors such as tamarind, mango, and chamoy, combining sweet, tangy, and spicy notes to create a true explosion of taste.
  5. United States: In the United States, gummy candies have evolved to encompass a wide range of flavors and varieties. From classic fruit flavors to whimsical creations like sour gummies or even bacon-flavored gummies, the U.S. offers a playful and diverse gummy candy scene.
  6. Brazil: Our final stop takes us to Brazil, where gummy candies, or “balas de goma,” are enjoyed with gusto. Brazilian gummies often embrace the tropical flavors of the country, featuring options like guava, passion fruit, and coconut. These fruity gummies reflect the vibrant and lively spirit of Brazil.

While these destinations represent just a fraction of the global gummy candy scene, they offer a tantalizing glimpse into the world of flavors waiting to be savored. So, join the gummy candy adventure and indulge in these delightful treats, allowing your taste buds to travel the world one tasty bite at a time.

By Nils

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