Why a Landing Page is Important for Your Business

YRSK | Published: 15-05-21
As businesses go digital, there are several basics to pay attention to. For instance, landing pages of websites are perceived as one of the most effective secret tools for marketing online. A landing page is often misunderstood as “just another web page”, but these are distinct pages that are an indispensable part of marketing for lead generation.

What are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are dedicated web pages that serve a singular purpose or objective goal. They draw visitors to land on the specific web page from links in emails, social media posts, advertisement campaigns, and so on. Landing pages differ from other web pages, including the homepage, because they are created primarily for conversions.


Landing pages are of various kinds, depending on what the end goal is. Sales pages are dedicated to bringing in more sales, while splash pages are used for prompting new offers and so on. This is because a landing page almost always serves just one purpose – whether filling a form, subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a product, and more. Newbies in the world of online marketing might easily presume that any webpage can serve as a landing page, but the truth is that it is very important to distinguish landing pages from other web pages, especially the homepage.


Why are Landing Pages Important?

Businesses that do not need to collect visitor information or who are providing all their content to the general public might not need a landing page. However, most business sites can put landing pages to great use as an effective lead generating and marketing tool. Here is a list of reasons that make landing pages so important:


To Increase Conversions

The first and foremost benefit that landing pages have to offer is a lead generation and conversions for websites. They are an efficient way of guiding customers objectively through the sales process, instead of simply taking them to the homepage and leaving them to carry on with their flow. With the myriad of information available on the net, customers would prefer the quick and efficient movement of instructions and information for something they are interested in.

To Improve Paid Search Campaigns

Click-through rates are the most important aspects of paid advertising campaigns on search engines, and this is determined by the design of landing pages. Instead of linking campaigns to your website’s homepage, you can consider redirecting visitors to your business's landing page that has been created particularly for that campaign. The landing page can bring all interested visitors on a single page while providing them all the information they need besides any you require, through forms for instance.  


To Grow Your Email List

Landing pages are perfect if you want to ask users to subscribe to your email list and send them newsletters, promotions, sales, and offers along with important announcements from time to time. This helps them grow familiar with your business besides getting intrigued if an impressive offer or newsletter comes by. Several businesses have proven records of growth and conversions through email subscriptions, and this is where a landing page fits in.


To Augment Brand Awareness

Customers are always more likely to purchase from brands they know and are familiar with. However, a customer might visit your landing page even before he visits your main website. Therefore, the landing page can familiarize customers with your brand beforehand. By maintaining consistency in the design, style, and copy of your landing page with your main website, you can enhance awareness and consistent branding for your business across social media platforms for visitors to both engage with your venture and recognize it.

To Increase Value and Credibility

As landing pages are focused on a specific task or goal, they offer a very clear and crisp course of action to visitors. This lends an impression of efficiency and creativity from your end, for the customer feels valued and understood. Landing pages that display testimonials from other users/buyers/subscribers can add to the credibility of your online business and help customers trust you more.


Optimize Your Landing Page

Landing pages are a great way of eliciting a specific action from visitors in line with your business objectives. They are a great way of improving customer relationships, spreading brand awareness, and rendering marketing campaigns successful. You might want to consider optimizing your landing page for the best results and see its effectiveness for yourself!