Utilizing LinkedIn Analytics For B2B Audience

YRSK | Published: 25-02-22
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Over time, we have witnessed the growth of LinkedIn and the use of LinkedIn by various businesses and professionals. The analytics tool in LinkedIn, if used effectively, can help in making interesting marketing decisions. In case you don't have a LinkedIn page yet, what are you waiting for? Meanwhile, here is an interesting read on using LinkedIn analytics for B2B audience.


LinkedIn is a specialized and value-generating tool, which serves other businesses. So, have you thought about growing your business with LinkedIn? If not, there’s still time. LinkedIn marketing tool is used by various brands for their respective growth. The importance of analytics in the development of substantial marketing decisions has increased. The same has been also accountable for use of LinkedIn analytics for making more interesting marketing decisions. B2B Companies can use LinkedIn analytics in different ways for substantial marketing benefits.

Finding Marketing Tools

LinkedIn analytics tool helps B2B businesses to develop an account. And have a LinkedIn page as well for their employees. In LinkedIn, the business owner and his employees are representing the organization. It is not a place of personal or casual interactions over social media. It is a scope for endorsing B2B marketing channels. It provides anybody with the admin status the authority of viewing the page analytics of the company. This is how the LinkedIn analytics tool benefits the B2B business audience. The marketing plan B2B audience generally holds the admin status position and they can topple between pages and activities under their own tab "admin-view". 

Data With Relevance

B2B marketing channels slideshow with the use of more data. This is because data helps in making good business decisions in the context of marketing. LinkedIn analytics provide the planet B2B audience and B2B marketing channels with three essential metrics, which are visitors, updates as well as followers. These useful metrics provide specific and granular data which might be very beneficial for the planet B2B audience depending on their specific interests and objective goals in business.


Green marketing tool is a straightforward name where visitor analytics highlight how many visitors visit the marketing page of the planner B2B audience. In case of a business is simply planning to bump visibility and they are willing to see how people arriving to check their content this is where they should start. With help of visitor’s analytics, LinkedIn analytics allow the planner B2B audience to use their specific metrics like traffic as well as demographics.

Traffic Metrics

The B2B business might be interested in finding out at what point of time they receive the maximum attraction from visitors. They might also be interested in finding the specific page visitors who are the most engrossing audience over their page. Hence they can use the LinkedIn marketing tool to find out the exact number of unique visitors in contrast to the overall level of engagement. For some B2B companies, it is a context of the number of people who visit their website. LinkedIn can specifically track and display all professional details and background details of individuals. These details can help organizations to understand the professional demographics of their job applicants if they have a LinkedIn account. It also allows the companies to observe if they are getting page views and also reflect if potential investors are looking for their business page on LinkedIn. These B2B marketing channels work and the LinkedIn marketing tool has to play a great role in this regard.

The Updates

Whereas visitor analytics provide information regarding who is visiting the page, the updates show how will the current content posted by the company is performing. The updated Matrix highlight what fragments of the particular content are attracting more attention and which part of the content is languishing.

Update Highlights

It is a gold mine for actionable read data sequences. The update highlights help in tracking the extent of introduction for all contents developed over a certain website which might be the internal original website of the organisation or the LinkedIn posts of the organisation only. The association or agency might post videos or photos of communication of different elements. The highlight feature showcases the kind of reaction received every month against respective kinds of content. The comments, as well as likes and shares, reflect the prospects of tracking the performance of the content over a stipulated timeline.

Engagement Metrics

It is crucial as it breaks down the particular kind of interactions elicited by the content. It enables a company to perceive what is going and perform well. It also highlights what might take the benefit in other formats. The engagement metrics are able to track impressions as well as click and like or shares or other important data for every specific aspect of the content the engagement metrics are able to distinguish between the organic outcomes as well as paid outcomes. In case if a company has paid for advertising over LinkedIn then there will be a red graph line illustrating the resulting traffic whereas the blue line will indicate natural as well as organic traffic. It is essential for distinguishing the effectiveness of the paid efforts of the organizations, especially in the case of B2B marketing in India.


LinkedIn analytics has gained prominence not only as a professional media network however as a viable vehicle for marketing and even lead generation. It has access to powerful as well as useful analytics which provides B2B companies with the right information for efficient targeting.