Top Webinar Marketing Tips for B2B Company

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
If you are looking to grow your business fast, conducting webinars as part of your marketing strategy can be a good idea. The webinar, Simplifying the interaction with each other and the customers around you to drive meaningful insight, deeper relationships, and better outcomes for businesses, organizations & companies. In the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, the significance of webinar marketing has increased manifold.

According to a report by, before lockdown, 73 percent of marketers found webinar marketing a reliable tool for generating leads.

We can imagine this percentage most probably has increased substantially since most marketers have shifted to the digital platform for marketing.

The popularity of webinars was already rising before the current pandemic; they’re a powerful tool for showcasing thought leadership and increasing brand visibility. What’s more, as part of a more comprehensive content marketing strategy, webinars provide a valuable opportunity to secure the ‘top of funnel’ leads that will be critical to future sales opportunities.


B2B companies find webinar marketing an uncomplicated and useful tool to build a strong relationship with their audience. A B2B marketing company can help you create an effective strategy integrating webinar marketing into it.


In this post, we have discussed the basic points how to do a webinar by selecting the right platform and working on the script. We also listed most practical tips for webinar marketing that will likely drive more signups, audience engagement, and increase sales. Here we go.


  • Single out Specific Topic

Hosting webinar on generic topic is ver common and tempting. A generic topic can be a vastly broad subject and you may not get time to cover all the points. Instead, choose a highly specific content idea that you can go into in great detail. This will make it easier to focus on the topic and minimize the chance of going off on tangents.

  • Write a Strong Script

Without a script, your webinar is almost certainly doomed to fail. Even the most skilled webinar producers and hosts rely on scripts, because talking for up to an hour, even about something you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, is hard work. There’s a lot of logistical things to think about, so even if you think you know what you want to say, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you forget once you get into presentation mode. Create a list of the questions as they come in so you can keep them organized. Lastly, relax!

  • Create a dedicated landing page for every webinar

As the first step of webinar marketing, you need to create a dedicated landing page for every webinar. The landing page will ideally be your webinar registration page and also the place from where you can redirect your ads and CTAs to another section on your site.

  • Choose the Right Webinar Platform

There are several webinar platforms to choose from, each of which has its pros and cons. GoToWebinar by Citrix is a great platform for smaller webinars. GoToWebcast, another Citrix product that offers more features and allows to host larger, more interactive webinars. The size of your company and your attendee list will dictate how robust your hosting solution needs to be.

  • Float a Survey or Poll for Audience Engagement

Surveys or polls are a great way to get insights into the target audience’s opinion and engage them. Also, as you have the purpose of generating leads here, do not forget to attach an offer.

For example, you can attach an offer with a free download of marketing collateral, a free demo, or a free trial. The offer could read like this, “Do you want a FREE demo to see how we can help you?”

  • Promote The Webinar Using AdWords

AdWords is an effective way to promote your webinar. Pick targeted long-tail keywords based on the audience’s search queries that you will address in the webinar. For example, “How to improve productivity in the workplace.”

  • Personalise Your Emails on Webinar

Keep an email list handy to shoot emails to prospects with personalized content to promote your webinar.

Also, do not forget to send an email on behalf of the presenter with a reminder. For example, “Hi, this is Kevin. Thanks for signing up for this webinar. Can’t wait to interact with you tomorrow!” A small change like this can boost the attendance rate from 20 to 33 percent.

  • Include CTAs on Relevant Articles/Blog

Relevant articles, blogs, or guest posts are useful places to promote your webinar. You can write content on the same topic that you will be covering during the webinar, and then strategically place a call-to-action (CTA) that will point the readers to the webinar registration page.

  • Implement Social Advertising

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram is another effective way to promote your webinar and reach out to a vast audience. On these social platforms, you will be able to place your ads by targeting people based on their industry, profession, location, age group, etc.

  • Get into Partnerships to expand your audience

You can get into partnerships with brands that have a similar target audience as yours. This way, you will have a better reach to more people. Create a list of companies with a similar audience so that you engage them for your webinar marketing.

  • Promoting on SlideShare

These days, LinkedIn owns SlideShare. On this platform, you can reach a quality audience with visually appealing slides on a relevant topic. Subsequently, you can invite the audience to get more details through the webinar.

  • The Way Forward

The tips mentioned in this post can help you to organize a webinar and follow the webinar marketing strategy to get more engagement. You can customize these tips based on your business objectives, requirements, and KPIs.