The Top 5 Most Effective B2B Marketing Strategies for 2020

YRSK | Published: 14-05-21
B2B marketing definitely cannot be random; all businesses definitely need to chalk a good marketing plan to avoid loss of opportunity and fetch a better ROI.

Every year some tried and tested marketing solutions become outmoded. These need to be replaced with better and improved solutions which give optimum lead generations and maximum sales. “Old is Gold” as the phrase rightly says some strategies like content marketing, email marketing, word of mouth advertising are inimitable and evergreen, though some of these strategies can lose their sheen if not supplemented with other modern day marketing strategies . There are 5 marketing strategies which seem laudable and impressive in line with 2020 trends. These definitely need a thought over and application by the business marketers for their successful B2B digital marketing endeavours.


1.Personalised in-depth marketing is the way to go

With sluggish marketing budgets year on year due to changing political and economic scenarios worldwide, the marketers need a more focused and profound approach. Hence, as a major evolution over the other years it is advisable in 2020 to not try to tap a wide business network of customers, but target only on few major business leads rightly known as account based marketing. Personalised, in depth marketing efforts on a few target businesses definitely saves time, money and efforts and definitely can result in a staggering response from these targets and achieve a higher ROI.

2.Great website with best sales tools

Live chatting and customer reviews are the two best sales tools one cannot omit from a good B2B website. The plus point in any B2B website today is having a live chat where the prospective buyers can resolve all the dilemmas and queries relating to the product. The customer purchase preference history can be fetched from the various search engines and stored into the automated system on the site which helps provides customers better product support. The real time interaction improves the customer buying experience and increases sales. Making tall claims of the products by the company itself is a big no-no and a turnoff for the business customers. The finicky customers of the 21st century, however definitely rely on the opinions and reviews of other satisfied customers flashed on the website.

3.Back linked contents marketing with Video integration

Boring content do not appeal the customers anymore, however an informative script which is well researched and in line with customer intentions along with some interesting GIF’s and video backups definitely get the eyeballs in a crowded search engine. Video marketing is clearly grabbing more than 80% of the internet traffic. Live videos used for such profession and business marketing purposes are the most in thing on the social media Blogs are handles where the writers can share their personal experiences and also at the same time give expert opinions about the products which are definitely read by customers inclined to buy the product as most of the B2B customers today are internet savvy.

4.Paid Media advertising

The paid media like Google click ads can be a systematic means to be opted by new business entities. Retargeting the same customer time and again till they become the leads is possible with this strategy. The pay per click ads can be applied on best advertising spaces like the popular social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This definitely leads to speedier results and the businesses need to pay only for the clicked ads. The social media networks in general are very cost effective and also helps reduce the need for costly sales teams.

5.Making utmost out of interactive events and seminars

Old school techniques like one on one conversation marketing can never fade in effectiveness even in the 21st century. The ideal closure of deals and networking is plausible by a variety of ideal mechanisms like seminars; training programs, e-learning program which are interactive, add value and help understand customer requirements. Besides, personalised invitations via email marketing definitely help build trust, nurtures relations and leads to customer retention over a longer period of time. Trade shows and events with cutting edge technological deployment like virtual reality is a pragmatic shift and evolution in B2B marketing 2020 which can provide an immersive and out of the world experience and help convert the potential leads into lifelong customers.