The Gummy Craze: Exploring the History of Gummy Candy

By Nils Feb 2, 2020

The history of gummy candy traces back to the early 20th century, with Germany playing a significant role in its development. Let’s explore the fascinating journey of gummy candy from its humble beginnings to becoming a beloved treat enjoyed by people all over the world.

The invention of gummy candy can be attributed to Hans Riegel, a confectioner from Bonn, Germany. In 1922, Riegel founded the Haribo company, which stands for “Hans Riegel Bonn.” His first creation was the now-iconic gummy bear, known as “Dancing Bear” or “Tanzbärchen.” Inspired by street performers and the dancing bears seen at popular fairs, Riegel created a chewy, fruit-flavored treat that quickly gained popularity.

Initially, gummy candies were made using a combination of gum arabic, sugar, and fruit flavorings. The name “gummy” itself is derived from the chewy texture of the candies. Riegel’s gummy bears became a hit in Germany, and the demand grew rapidly. In the following years, Haribo expanded its range to include other gummy shapes like rings, worms, and fruits.

The popularity of gummy candy spread beyond Germany, and it gained international recognition. In the 1980s, gummy candies, particularly gummy bears, began to gain popularity in the United States. Haribo made its way into the American market, and gummy bears became one of the most beloved candies.

As gummy candy gained traction, various confectionery companies started producing their own versions, introducing unique shapes, flavors, and textures. Today, gummy candy comes in a wide range of forms, including animals, fruits, cola bottles, and more. It has become a staple in the confectionery world, appealing to people of all ages.

The gummy craze has also witnessed innovative collaborations with popular brands, such as Disney, Coca-Cola, and Star Wars, creating limited-edition gummy candies that resonate with fans.

Furthermore, gummy candy has undergone constant evolution to cater to changing consumer preferences. Brands have introduced healthier options, offering gummies made with natural flavors, organic ingredients, and reduced sugar content. This evolution reflects the growing demand for more wholesome and mindful snacking choices.

The history of gummy candy is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of confectioners who transformed a simple, chewy treat into an enduring phenomenon. From the original gummy bears to the multitude of shapes and flavors available today, gummy candy continues to bring joy and delight to candy lovers worldwide.

So, the next time you enjoy a gummy candy, take a moment to appreciate the rich history behind it and the journey of how a simple idea shaped the gummy craze we know and love today.

By Nils

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