Some Effective Automotive Digital Marketing Strategies

YRSK | Published: 22-04-21
Automobile industry, like any other industry, has gone online owing to vehicle shoppers’ active role in the buying process. A typical buyer in India starts the car purchase process by looking for a car for his or her family. This means he or she would naturally look for a car with a larger space, better fuel efficiency and reliability, newer technology, greater brand image and better reviews. For all these, prospective buyers go online, which shows various websites offering comparative analysis of different models and brands of automobiles.

Automobile industry has grown to become very competitive and challenging. With over 90 percent of prospects searching online, driving most of them in and converting them into leads require effective automotive B2B digital marketing strategies. A few essential ones are:

Have a Shopping-Friendly Website

When buying a car has a lot of emotions attached to it, car manufacturers spend much time and effort to make a car with all the features and specifications a prospective customer looks for. Automobile marketers should also work out a strategy by providing a website experience to the visitors. Your website should load quickly, say within 2 seconds. The website design also matters for it builds trust. The website usefulness is the other aspect that keeps prospective buyers on the hold. For that, you should have all essential information such as the vehicle options, comparative features and prices of similar brands of cars, different images both exterior and interior, detailed specifications, customer reviews and ratings, payment options and calculations, and warranty details.

Get Listed on the First Page of Google

The B2B marketing in the automotive sector becomes effective if you lead the buyer through many paths to the B2B lead generation by managing SEO. With the most visitors online obsessed with research, the search process keeps going by the buyers clicking on several organic search results and advertisements before finalizing and reaching a decision to buy a car or any other vehicle. Like the SEO marketing, the automobile marketing also needs latent semantic indexing (LSI) to influence the buyer search. 

The LSI explains how search engines combine individual search words and relate them to the words that give hidden meanings. Automobile marketers need to have a clear understanding of the topics that the consumers look for and how the LSI relates to those topics for effective SEO digital marketing in India.

You should also have content for the visitors, as well as SEO to promote organic search. The high-quality content posted regularly adds value to your B2B digital marketing and helps increase your ranking on the search engine. 

Include Name, Address and Place (NAP) in Your Automobile Website

If you want to utilize the local search activity, you need to provide the details regarding the name, address and phone of your business either in the header or footer of the website and mark the page with schema to enable a specific search engine to identify and understand the NAP details. You should also have your ‘Google My Business’ (GMB) account by filling in necessary details. 

To show up a detailed search results, you can use Google Ads to have location extensions, which give easy access to information. In addition, your mobile should also be mobile-friendly to helps any prospective automobile buyers reach you instantly.

Conduct Automobile Campaigns for Target Buyers and on Car-Buying Trends

Have a separate marketing strategy for a specific vehicle and buyers as the requirements and concerns vary. Similarly, direct your automobile campaign on the days when customers are likely to spend money for a new vehicle. For instance, there are festival days when people think it is auspicious to invest money in vehicles in India. 

The strategies mentioned above are the most important ones to kick off your automobile digital marketing campaign in 2021.