Six common mistakes in social media you must avoid

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
No matter whether you’re just getting started with social media marketing or well experienced with the do’s and don’ts of it, you’ll never find a book on the perfect social media strategy. There is always something to learn and unlearn based on what your audience likes.

It’s always wise to take a fresh look ensuring that you’re covering all the bases, engaging your leads well, on top of that delivering an incredible ROI. If you’re already doing all of these, what could possibly go wrong?

Yes, that’s what we’re here to help you with! Here are six social media mistakes most of the businesses unknowingly make online, make sure you don’t make them too.

Before we move into the details of it, let’s have a quick overview of the social media mistakes that businesses have been making until now:


  1. Being over promotional on social media
  2. Don’t have any idea how algorithms work
  3. Not replying to customer comments and feedback
  4. You’re not using original visual content
  5. Not optimizing your posts for each platform
  6. You’re posting inappropriate content

Now that you know what are the downsides you can avoid! In this article, we’re going to take a deeper look at the six most common social media mistakes that most of the brand is consistently making.


Being over promotional on social media

The biggest social media mistake that most of the business is prone to make is when you over-promote your offerings on social media. Whether you believe it or not posting contents that are related solely to your own services is a sure way to turn off your customers.

A social survey on over 1,000 Twitter, Instagram & Facebook users indicated that the most annoying things that brands do on social media are over advertising their products. To avoid doing these, consider following an 80/20 rule, by posting 80% of the non-promotional content and 20% of the post with CTA.


Don’t have any idea how algorithms work

For some marketers, social media algorithms are like data puzzles, that’s just waiting to get solved. But if you’re like most other businesses, trying to manage your social media, you might feel it like a kind of a complicated mess. The great unknown, holding down your content.

Most of the platform, don’t follow a strict algorithm. Instead, they use an algorithm just to understand what content users prefer to see and engage with. But if you still don’t understand how the algorithm works for each platform, you’ll not be able to optimize them. Before it’s too late, make an effort to learn about each platform you’re using.


Not replying to customer comments and feedback

The perils of over advertisement can intensify if businesses are unresponsive. Nearly one out of four people can become annoyed with your brand if you don’t reply to their comments and complaints. When you’re earning off a lot of fans already, getting into mere trolls doesn’t really good for your brand. Isn’t it so? But neglecting legit complaints, queries and comments from your customers is a big mistake.

It is always better prioritizing the “quality feedback”, from your customers and responding to their negative feedback positively. Understanding through communication and interaction will help you to improve.


You’re not using original visual content

Can you think of the brand image as a combination of your business vision, offerings and value to the world? If these do not reflect in your visual content. Why do you think your fans will follow you? In the everlasting race to stand out on the social media, visual content is something you’ve to kick up.

That means try using visuals that are relevant to your offering and services, rather than putting your logo on unoriginal visuals that’s not yours.


Not optimizing your posts for each platform

Surely, the types of content you post of Instagram will be completely different from the one you’re posting on your LinkedIn. That’s because each social media platform is special on its own with its shades. On Instagram, you may use clickable hyperlinks in captions, but LinkedIn is highly professional.

Now think yourself, should you post one common copy for all your platform and see the lacklustre results? Obviously not! Always do a double-checking on the social requirements before posting your copies.


You’re working on the fly without a schedule

When things get busy, it’s time for you to make advance working on social media content, to avoid running at the risk of losing your connection with the community. So, carve out a free day every month to build out the schedule for the next four weeks. Get time for auditing and analysing your social metrics, also researching your topics and hashtags.


Key Takeaway

When you’re posting daily on social media, it’s easy to get into bad habits and make mistakes. But you don’t have to make those error. It’s time for every small business to think about how to implement their social media to build brand awareness and gain trust. For the best results, get in touch with social media marketing consultant near you & earn lucrative marketing results.