News: DuckDuckGo Hits New Record: 100 Million Searches Per Day

YRSK | Published: 20-01-21
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DuckDuckGo crosses a promising 100 million searches in a single day in the first month of 2021, double the number of searches in just a matter of a year. The average number of searches has been 90 million per day. Its market share has jumped to 1.14% in 2021 from .39% in 2018 propelling its rank to the 6th position in terms of the search rate this year.

The DuckDuckGo slogan clearly states Google Tracks you, we don’t. The stringent privacy policy of DuckDuckGo lies in the non-use of cookies to tap user information and no storing of the user’s search history. This policy has positively impacted its popularity quotient and has intensified the traffic growth of this search engine in a steady manner over the years. 

The traffic switch towards this search engine is clearly evident in the dominant countries like USA. Post the availability search preference menu option on Android phones, a sudden drop in the market share of the leading Search Engine Google by 20% has been observed in USA as people are opting for safer search engines on mobile platforms. This has been a winning proposition for DuckDuckGo which has achieved 58% organic market share traffic on the mobile devices in USA in 2020. DuckDuckGo mobile app has now successfully achieved the number 2 position just behind Google(61%) on the mobile platform. Yahoo and many other ones blossoming engines are lagging behind in the race. The DuckDuckGo is also tagged as the safest search engine of 2020. Even the desktop platform in USA has seen DuckDuckGo pushing itself to number 4th ranked search engine platform leaving behind Bing and Yahoo. The complete security of personal information offered with no tracking of customer’s search history makes policies of DuckDuckGo less intrusive in contrast to Google’s policy. It makes it an alluring choice for people cautious of their privacy safeguard. This has made DuckDuckGo search rates to upsurge on Jan 11, 2021 to more than 100 million from 30 million in 2018.  DuckDuckGo is now offering a staunch competition to its rivals Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and even leading search engine Google which hits almost 5.8 billion searches per day. DuckDuckGo hit a high of number 7 in the iOS App Store charts for all free apps, and achieved a foremost position among all utility apps in the current times. Similarly, traffic switch to safer messaging apps like Signal and Telegram which encrypt the chat messages at the app level has also been witnessed on mobile platforms following the news of the data breach and flawed security policy of the Facebook owned Whatsapp messaging platform. Hence, the importance of privacy is definitely seen escalating in the year 2021. 

The burgeoning and continual increase in the traffic of DuckDuckGo by an average 50% year on year definitely makes it a perpetual competition in the online search market. The upgrading of other features besides the privacy and crucial cyber security can also make the search engine head to a further higher position in terms of market share in the near future.