Lead Generation Strategies for Banking and Financial Sector

YRSK | Published: 19-04-21
To generate sales, you need to find the right audience online, which has fast become the mantra in the digital world. This is right with every industrial sector, including the banking and financial sector. Unlike any other sector involved in the B2B marketing, the financial services sector is distinct for it takes time to generate leads and convert them owing to the complexities in its products and services.

With an effective B2B digital marketing and lead generation strategies, the banking and financial services sector can help focus on increasing their sales of financial products or services through better conversion rates. Here are some lead generation strategies for them to consider:

Create Effective Calls-to-Action (CTA)

If you want your prospective clients to find the right product or service, you need to create successful calls-to-action. With an effective CTA, you can induce the visitors to click on the landing page of your website and complete it by sharing their details for an offer. To help improve the B2B lead generation, a CTA should be impressive with a captivating design and right placement. In a way, it will make a prospective buyer go ahead and click. Your call-to-action tool should also be reviewed continuously and undergo improvements to keep generating leads. 

Optimize Your Landing Page

B2B lead conversions, unlike the B2C ones are complicated owing to the involvement of several decision makers and different emotional drivers. To facilitate quick decision-making process, the landing page of your website should:

  • Address prospective buyers’ needs by providing solutions to their problems. With a right content, you can convince them by answering to their questions.
  • Keep the design simple and functional and draw attention of the visitors through directional cues, clarity and order.
  • Concentrate on the benefits instead of features as they will meet the needs of your prospective buyers.
  • Avoid hindrances to help the visitors take actions, without any difficulty. The landing page form should be short enough to fill out only the essential information.
  • Have testimonials or reviews to testify your product or service. This should include any statistics, if possible to enable the visitor to act on quickly.

Optimize the Conversion Rate

If you want your visitor to complete a defined goal on the B2B digital marketing website, you need to have conversion rate optimization (CRO). The defined goal may be requesting for a quote, buying a product or service, or reading a white paper or an article, which will lead to better B2B lead generation. To improve conversion rates for lead generation, you need to consider the following:

  • Have your website secured to help prospective customers share their personal details.
  • Check the information for quality and genuineness to increase lead generation.
  • Get third-party validation so that the users trust the website.
  • Place your reviews and testimonials at a place where they are easily seen by the prospective buyers.
  • Have images that enhance your value proposition for they help increase readership.

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

With PPC advertising, you can have faster results if you know your target audience and buyer persona. You can resort to any way of posting your lead advertisement depending on your goal. One of the most recognized ways is through Google AdWords. Other than helping you with lead generation, the PPC marketing is not risky.

The B2B lead generation strategies explained above are a few important ones. The banking and financial services sector is still not open to the world of digital marketing in India to embrace the benefits of acquiring better visibility, greater exposure and higher customer engagement level, which are critical for the success of the financial services sector.