Improve local SEO with 5 steps

YRSK | Published: 27-03-21
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A traditional brick and mortar business trying to build customer engagement and a stronger brand identity in its own local geographical proximity needs to hone the marketing skills to survive amidst the burgeoning competitive environment. The local SEO strategies can complement the offline marketing efforts of these businesses by offering higher visibility and can help smaller businesses to grow faster and make a mark. There are majorly 5 magical steps under local SEO to get a better brand identity and to beget higher local traffic and higher profitability.

  1. Higher listings, greater pull factor

 Getting a Google My Business Profile page linked to the Google map can be the best way to start off the local SEO on the right foot and this can be the gateway towards a higher ranking on the biggest search engine. The business citation on this listing throws abundant light about the overall business entity and includes the name, address, logo, photos, phone number, opening and closing hours of the store as also its review and ratings all in one frame on the search result page creating greater value to the customers. Besides, businesses must increase its listings on the most commonly accessed social media sites by creating local business page; add frequent post blogs to get higher visibility, frequent site visits and actual visits to the brick and mortar store by the potential customers. Businesses must exploit every possibility to land up listings even on smaller local sites and business directories as this can bring in the much needed traffic to the site. Engagement and participation in the local promotional events, local sponsorships events, and local scholarships can help the local businesses feature in the local press blogs and other local websites.  

2. Focus on Voice search and SEO content

The voice searches are very comforting and hence are a commonplace in the busy 21st century where people prefer it over the traditional text search techniques. The local SEO content has to be tweaked in line with the voice searches as mere giving away of information in a lacklustre manner can become distasteful.  The blogs need to embrace the local conversational pitch and tone. It needs to be ornamented with local dialects and question words like what, how, when to correspond to local searches. The SEO content must reflect up to date product and business information and must gratify the customers by containing answers to most commonly asked queries. The images; video, humorous GIF’s added to the blogs can make the content qualitatively superlative for the local set up. The content keywords must link the actual website to increase the footfalls to the actual store.

3. Website augmentation

The website can make or break a deal. A decked up website is especially important for businesses having a number of business locations. There must be separate page for every location catered. The local search results sound incomplete to the customers if the “About us” page with adequate information is missing on the actual website. The website can also be more successful if it encompasses safe ordering and payment checkout services online. The website must be structured, have lots of images and also have a faster loading.     

4. Make business mobile savvy 

The mobile driven era where more than 90% business is being handled on mobile phones, the user experience can be optimised with an impressive mobile website. The most important stress is to be laid on the “About Us” page, navigation speed and ease and safe checkout services when testing the mobile friendly websites. The business can also use mobile business portals like Amazon, Flipkart to further their mobile business and leave profits on the table. Making business groups for frequent updates of new products and services on chat apps for local customers can increase engagement and the convert ratio. Businesses responsive to the product appraisals, using influential marketing, having regular contest and giveaways, discount offers on social media can definitely increase its trustworthiness, ranking and number of footfalls in the actual store.  

5. Invite reviews and product appraisals

The local businesses must promise not to offer any substandard services. The businesses can then fearlessly invite customer reviews. The best services definitely get showered with overwhelming, positive customer feedbacks and testimonials for the business products and services on different platforms like Amazon, social media, also on the business website. The delightful experiences shared by the customers can be like an icing on the cake and the most attention grabbing features of the listings.