Importance of B2B Lead Generation in Banking Sector

YRSK | Published: 09-06-21
The new web-based world has changed everything we knew about traditional marketing, except one. Acquiring prospects continues to be one of the most important goals for any financial service, including the banking sector. This makes customer relationships a central piece in your operational journey.

The internet has triggered the relevance of customer relationships to new heights. You would be surprised to know that 90% of loan and mortgage customers, 85% of check-cashing consumers, and 76% of tax return preparation consumers start their journey with an online search.

According to Becky Fromm of Slack, “Thanks to social media and the changing dynamics of communication, every one of your customers now has the power to bring you more business – or drive it away”. Customers may or may not have a specific provider when seeking financial services for the first time, but are certainly seeking personalized, helpful options when it comes to long-term associations.


Where Lead Generation Steps in

The beauty of lead generation is that it triggers the process of gaining qualified prospects, who have developed an interest in your product or service and can be converted into customers shortly. For the banking sector, which requires constant network and growth in the industry through more and more clients, B2B lead generation thus plays a significant role. 


Lead generation has become the single most important aspect of online marketing today for the banking sector. The internet has made it possible for businesses to connect seamlessly with service providers at any hour of the day, and find exactly what they need. If the latter can distinctly grab the attention of the potential customer, conversions can skyrocket automatically. This is exactly what B2B lead generation does.


Why B2B Lead Generation is Important for Banking Sector


B2B in banking is offering banking services and products to another business. Loans, investment, savings or current accounts or mutual funds are some of such products.


The B2B is the high volume business. It is the institutional sales of banking. High volume, faster product movement and low cost of onboarding marks B2B of banking. A business has salary accounts, they need channels to invest their profits, they need insurance, fund support products like loans from the bank for employee welfare or business expansion plans. Even a small business delivers nearly the turnover of a small retail bank. Demands of a retail customer are small, their investments are moderate and their appetite for loan and banking products are also marginal, when compared with B2B. Whereas the salary account of a business is nearly equal to fifty retailer accounts.


The complex nature and high value of products and services in the banking sector make it incredibly important for marketers to concentrate all their efforts in the right direction. The idea is to have more conversions in as short a sales cycle and as few investments as possible.


This is where tactical B2B lead generation can work wonders for the banking sector, and supercharge their sales pipelines for greater benefits. It is a cost-effective and results-driven approach to not just rake in more customers but also establish a long-term relationship with them.


Helps You Figure Out Your Exact Audience

One of the biggest concerns of marketers in the banking segment is the inability to identify targets more specifically. They end up spending a lot of time, money and effort on leads that eventually do not convert at all, while also missing out on the most important ones.

A well-developed B2B lead generation funnel can solve this problem by determining results-oriented and audience-specific strategies. Marketers can tailor their efforts to their niche and use optimized efforts such as:


  • A customized digital presence to attract precise leads.
  • Better search engine optimization using specific keywords for specific audiences.
  • Tracking website visits and using these numbers in your marketing campaigns


Spreads Awareness and Interest in Your Services

Most financial services consumers begin their journey by looking up providers online and comparing their services. In the starting stages, they may not have a specific provider in mind, but certainly have a few requirements they are looking to check off the list.


A strategic B2B lead generation campaign can help financial service providers stand out of the crowd, attract attention and interest in their services and drive more curious consumers to their website or application. Digital campaigns and advertisements are a great tool for this purpose, and the financial services sector makes up over 14% of the overall spend on online advertising.


Filters Quality Prospects That Can Move Down the Sales Funnel

If not planned strategically, marketing efforts might not produce the expected results, and investments of time, money and human resource can go to waste. On the other hand, every stage of the B2B lead generation marketing funnel is designed in a way to qualify prospects and move them down the next step smoothly.


Therefore, only by focussing on your sales funnel and the prospects filtered into it, you can concentrate your efforts on the right pool and get much more effective results in the end.


Increases Conversions and Sales

What a successful B2B lead generation funnel does is to drive potential customers down every stage, eventually generating more sales. Not only is the time spent on prospects reduced, but it also increased the value of customer outreach and impact.


How to Design the Perfect Lead Generation Strategy?

Planning and executing a results-driven B2B lead generation campaign can prove to be a struggle if you do not have the right experts for the job. You might end up down the same road – spending a lot on marketing without any significant returns.


Therefore, it is best to outsource your requirements to an experienced B2B lead generation company that specializes in the banking and finance sector. A trusted lead generation company for BFSI clients will not only analyse your requirements and plan the campaigns in detail, but also execute lead generation campaigns with the best quality results.