Image and video SEO for visual searches

YRSK | Published: 20-03-21
The ever evolving Google and many other search engines have become even more technically sound by giving a luxury of image and video search option to its users besides the voice and text searches. People just need to click and hold on to a picture from a website or upload a picture with the help of Artificial Intelligence infused lenses e.g. (Google lens, Pinterest lens) and fill in the requirements for example getting a similar match of the particular thing. The list of websites with similar products immediately pops up in fractions of seconds. This is a welcome development aiding the people to simplify their shopping experience online, explore newer destinations, landmarks or things and widen their learning horizons to know their surroundings better. Hence, the SEO efforts need to be in line with this progressive search alternative to give an organic boost to the traffic on your site.

Opportunistic Use of Google lens

Fewer brands have plunged into making the most of the opportunity of capturing the niche users exploiting the visual search medium for shopping. It is thus the right time to be ahead in the race to make the most of the image marketing. Whether it is a news blog, event highlight, “How to use Video” for a product launch, the image and video quality is now going to determine the website ranking in the near future. 

Meaningful addition of alt text and tags

The filenames and description to the myriad images and videos along with their bar codes make up for the alt text and tags on the seo website An image without alt text is incomplete and unpleasant for the viewers. More promising results are plausible with the help of the alt text for the seo campaigners when visual searches are carried out by the users as the users can quickly land up the most impressively decorated websites which can be yours. The alt text incorporated with the images make it easily indexable for the search engines.

 Superlative quality images

Only 1 or 2 images on the website can be an incorrect approach. A specially designed image sitemap of the website with a unique url and a number of high resolution pictures and videos of at least 1200 megapixels can definitely do wonders for the businesses online. Images are far more effective and have a long lasting impact on the brain over text, hence the importance of having good quality images on the website cannot be under emphasised. The visual search lens can work much efficiently and give correct results when the picture quality is superlative. The picture size can ruin the loading speed of the website. The optimising of images thus essentially needs to be undertaken on the desktop and mobile devices so that the speed is not compromised.   

The images are imperative for news blogs, event blogs, live streaming videos of product, recipes, films, business logos not just on the websites to churn a better recipe for successful seo marketing. The cookies and bots on the search engine must be able to crawl through these images. 

Use of keywords

Properly researched keywords can completely change the ball game. These keywords can become a part and parcel of the alt text of the images as well as the content adjoining the image. The shopping time of the customers flattened as the product visual search finds an appropriate match with the images and content on the site and immediately gets transferred to the cart of the site without any mediator.

The visual search SEO for smartphones

The visual search medium on the mobile is titillating to most people. Due to the deep neural networks and human brain like features of the lens used for the visual search, any image captured on the smartphone cameras are quickly identified and revealed to the users. The users are also allowed the option to the save the image and reuse it in future for getting a better and deeper insight. The mobile searches have reached an whopping proportion on the biggest search engine Google. Compressing images, avoiding too flashy and complicated overdos in the image and videos helps maintain the dynamics of the mobile website or application and also keeps the speed intact.  

Image seo allows amplified mobile website indexation leading to higher traffic and profitability to the business.