How do call centres increase sales

YRSK | Published: 05-04-21
How do outbound call centres benefit a business? Call centres are the most appropriate communication channel between a consumer and a business. They make the company readily available to costumers almost 24/7 at a much lower cost since they do not require the supervision of the company to function. Outbound B2B and B2C call centres have well trained agents and frontline technology and together they rise the communication efficiency multifold.

Backbone technologies that benefit b2b businesses

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

One of the essential pieces of technology used by call centres are IVR systems. These automated, patronizable systems interact with callers and provide information without the need of an agent. They direct users to information with pre-recorded messages that detail the most common queries and will often lead to solutions that are also pre-recorded. This system is efficient and benefits majority of caller needs immediately; no wait time needed. IVR can also connect customers with specialized agents when more specific interactions are required.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

Going hand in hand with IVR, ACD is another important technology for filtering callers. It enables large numbers of calls to be managed efficiently by recognizing the content of incoming calls and then directing the call to the best suited terminal or agent for the caller’s needs. Integrate Features like intelligent call back alongside this system to optimize caller experience


Following the trend of foresight, these diallers save time of the agent by automatically contacting customers from a per-set list and by disconnecting any channels that are unavailable or occupied. Not only is this applicable to calls, but can be used for chats, messages emails and much more, allowing more reach for the business. This allows call centres to take more calls faster improving overall efficacy.


Possibly the future of call centres, cloud-based technologies are becoming increasingly important as they allow agents to work remotely. The use of this technology also increases efficiency, is size adjustable and reduces cost as you will only pay for what you use. Cloud technology is also the most accommodating for the use of systems like IVR and predictive callers.


Important things to consider

Technology is not the stand-alone factor in improving potential sales and bettering brand image. The important second factor is customer satisfaction. Here are some of the best practices to opt for you to promote and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction:


The longer and more difficult you make it for a caller to get to the information they need, the less likely they will buy or call-back, especially true for B2B call centre callers, they are short on time. Thus, properly functioning efficient systems and well-trained agents are very important for your call centre to make most satisfactory use of a caller’s time.


Making a good impression on a customer is important, they should be comfortable, well informed and feel heard above all. The engagement will also make buyers feel seen and heard, resulting in repeat purchases as they start to prefer the service. Achieve this in multiple ways, first and foremost ensure basic etiquette like greetings are maintained by both agents and pre-recorded systems. 

Next is informing customers, do this largely by pre-decided recordings and messages as they can be perfected to be as succinct and understandable as possible. It is also important for agents to be able to convey information in the same way, do this by providing agents with scripts and training. Callers should also be able to express their concerns and needs, using close ended questions is the most efficient way to do this while obtaining the needed information.


To ensure continued customer communication a call centre must keep in contact with callers. Send follow up messages, calls or emails within 24 hours of the initial call. Its also beneficial to send updates and messages detailing products and information that will be relevant to the caller based on their pervious needs. However, there is a delicate balance that must be maintained regarding the frequency of outreach as it could be considered spam and therefor be ignored regardless of the information the follow-up contains.

When a caller is contacted, the chances of a sale are increased by personified treatment. Calls and voice chats are often personalised as they deal with and adjust for the callers needs in real time, but with communication that cannot be adjusted on site, such as emails and messages, personalization become more difficult. Usually, information from pervious caller interactions will inform this type of personalization along with the use of we/your pronouns and the caller’s name. A personalized message is more likely to get a response.