Have you gone digital with your customers?

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
The B2B businesses are transforming, thanks to digital – there are newer ways to connect with the customers, business models are getting redefined and as sales are made over newer channels (most of them digital), it is high time digital marketing is made a strategic priority. Lead generation, however is an eternal goal and needs to be followed diligently.

Today, there is an intense struggle for mindshare of the digital audience. Every minute there are around 380 new websites coming up. With close to 2 billion websites across the world, the competition can only get tougher. Aligned with the fact, that about half of the B2B buyers are millenials implies that digital cannot be ignored.

Organizations today are investing in digital marketing, and as per ongoing trends this percentage has crossed the half way mark. Now with such huge investments, it is imperative that returns are proportionate too, which surely requires some dedicated effort. About 85% of the marketers call out that lead generation is their most important goal. While creating websites could be an easier part, leads need dedicated digital marketing/nurturing effort. Companies can struggle after the initial success with the websites and many a times are on the lookout for tangible solutions.

How digital marketing can help

  1. SEO: As pointed out earlier, lead generation services can most commonly be obtained with an effective SEO done on the website. Search engine optimization (SEO), simply put is the way to align one’s website content along with a user’s search intent. Google’s search algorithm ranks a website as per the suitability of the result vis a vis the search intent. An effective marketing agency can help understand the market and optimize the website as per the search intent/content of the online users.
  2. SEM: Search engine marketing (SEM) is another sureshot way – by way of online advertisements aligned to the search intent. Lead generation agencies can help organizations gather leads via an active advertisement campaign. A typical B2B lead generation agency first understands, creates a compelling copy and then monitors the final advertisement to build effective campaigns.
  3. Email Marketing: Emails are ubiquitous, with about 300 billion mails getting exchanged every year. Thus they are still an effective way to solicit clients. Nowadays, email campaigns can be automated and basis certain client responses, the emails can be effectively designed. Known as a drip campaign, it is an effective tool within digital marketing to solicit interest and enquiries.
  4. Social Media: Social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are becoming increasingly popular with a lot of engagement happening on these platforms. Here too digital marketing agencies can be an effective way to solicit, engage and build a lead database.

How a digital marketing agency works

A digital marketing agency works on the concept of marketing content over different channels so as to reach the customers through various means. Through an expert team, which can build an effective competitor analysis, assist the sales team in targeting the right customer types and finally building a marketing campaign which can yield results – a digital marketing agency can be the answer to all digital requirements of an organization.

How to choose a digital marketing agency

While digital marketing agencies abound, some characteristics one needs to be cognizant of before choosing one:

  • Assess your own organization

Yes, more important than choosing a partner, one needs to do self-assessment to find out about one’s true self. An effective internal assessment helps to craft the distinct vision which can help find the right agency who can be partnered with. The KPIs are just one of the various parameters – they can be, to push a new product or a service, reach a new market or even explore a new channel (in this case digital). Questions like budget and time are other factors to consider. Answering these questions is critical to outlining the kind of help you require, and gives any potential partners a clear vision for what your relationship might look like. Once you’ve laid the answers, requirements from the digital marketing agency can be laid out.

This can then be extrapolated to operational goals around content creation, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media, and much more.

  • Do Your Homework

While pretenders abound, the best way to ensure success is to find a digital marketing agency which has a good track record of doing just that. Established digital marketing agencies should be able to show you some of their past work, case studies and testimonials, and subsequent successes. A B2B marketing agency working with organizations in different domains can be a good bet too, since marketing and communication practices can be copied across.

Experience, however valuable, also needs to accompany a knowledge of latest trends and strategies. A good digital marketing agency dishes out an optimum combination of both, the digital marketplace is ever-changing, so you want someone that knows how to keep up.

  • Choose someone who you can be comfortable with

Trust is an important factor, and finding someone who can be comfortable with an organization’s ways of working is important. The process can be a bit lengthier but finding the right team can be hugely rewarding. A factor to look for is their own website – if it looks easy on the eye and gives a clear workflow on what one can achieve, it’s a good sign.

If you have a small business, you may want to match with a smaller digital marketing agency. Local businesses may have better luck hiring an agency that is based in their area, and so on.

Digital marketing isn’t as simple as throwing money at the problem and watching the results roll in. This will be a strategic partnership that will build your business toward a better future, and one that you should view as a long-term relationship

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