Every Brand Needs To Embrace Technology In The Midst Of Coronavirus

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
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The widespread coronavirus has definitely come as a shocking element taking the whole world in its stride. This pandemic is an uncertain and disastrous event, bringing many businesses like food, tourism, education and many others to a temporary halt. Most people are now in the confines of their four walls of their homes.

The people in general are left with wholesome time in hand as many entertainment outlets like sports events stand cancelled. Schools, colleges and most public entertainment spaces shut down due to the Covid 19 havoc. The quarantined life definitely demands some recreation to overcome the boredom creeping in the lives due to self-isolation. Hence, the people are left with no choice but to turn the online medium to read news, to socialise and last but not the least to shop. Hence, this is definitely the time for all the brands and businesses to gear up and switch to the ecommerce sector as running an offline business seems unconceivable or non-profitable now. There are opportunities aplenty on the online medium to shine and sparkle even for the smallest brands.

Employ the best technical marketing prowess

The main objective of technology during coronavirus is to reach and make a permanent mark in the minds of the maximum consumers sitting on the sofa couch making their shopping programs. Maximising visibility using various technical means can usher a resurgence of demand soon when the situation comes back to normalcy. Find 6 advanced digital marketing trends. Mapping the right strategy for the target audience with Technology support can make a positive mark. Reaching them in their browsing sessions through Google ads, programmatic advertising, youtube promotion posts or building in-house mobile marketing arsenal are some of the technological developments an enterprise can undertake. The channels mentioned above have varying budgets and companies can choose one that suits its pocket.

Maximise application of Video and audio interfaces

Now is the right time to reboot the marketing exercise to reach customers via the automation and voice enabled marketing assistants like Amazon Alexa. These are best to be explored now to support the digital media efforts as it can grab maximum ears and eyeballs of all the homebound people. Since interpersonal visual communication is restricted now, Skype, WebEx, Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook messenger chat can be good replacements for them. Decide your budget, choose your tool.

Use of the Buzzing Social media

The latest trends require all the businesses and brands to channelize their energies and divert all the marketing strategies in the social media channels. When a number of things are shut down like the hotel, restaurants, shopping malls, theatres, there is little face to face marketing possible making it frustrating for most marketers. Also, deferred sales in many cases are leading to lowering of the marketing budgets. However, this is the right time to tie up loose ends and increase the engagement with the potential customers in a cost effective manner via the social media platforms like Facebook, instagram, snapchat and make communication your business shield in crisis.

Catapult Impactful tech tactics

The technical tactics like SEO content creation with subtle yet relevant content are attention grabbing, Besides, video ads, live seminars, live streaming conferences, real time chatting are no less impactful than physical presence,. This is sure to pays off in the long run when the economy recovers in full pace. The Artificial intelligence world is definitely getting uplift in the times of corona and challenging all the brands to make the best of the technology. All the brands can become data centric using automated bots and chart out the best marketing funnel, offer personalised and fast services and rein successful even in difficult situations like these.

Promoting good deeds on tech world

There are many businesses which are trying to outperform by doing social good and lending a helping hand to the people in need. Brands like Microsoft have continued paying salaries to the hourly workers, Giorgio Armani is donating to the hospitals a good chunk of millions of dollars to fight the covid 19, many leading brands are manufacturing and offering free masks, hand sanitizers to the people to counter the debilitating pandemic. This kind of commitment on the part of the brands reflects well in the people’s heart and mind. These definitely go a long way for brand building as such deeds get promoted on the social network.

Technology to pacify health scare

The brands need to showcase sane and befitting marketing messages on websites and on the various digital ads pacifying the health scare among the people. There is a need to reduce negativity, empathise with customers and increase their loyalty quotient; this can be done by addressing the safety concerns during these trying times. The dilemmas with regards safe package and delivery handling return policies must be clarified on the websites as this is the major reason of apprehension while ordering stuff online during coronavirus.

Captions relevant to the coronavirus crisis on the digital media can capture attention and make the brands appear empathetic and responsive to the health scare rampant in these trying times.  McDonalds captions shouts out clearly about how it is particular in checking the employee’s temperature in the stores to keep a check on the disease. Also, it is ready to shut down any shops temporarily in case required.

 Hence, such technology use can definitely help ascend the dampened sales in various industries during the coronavirus.