Digital marketing Strategies to Follow During The Coronavirus

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
World is struggling with COVID-19 since January. Now it is widespread all over the world. If you see world map below, hardly there is place which is untouched. It’s going to impact world for next couple of years in many ways.

This coronavirus is bringing a paradigm shift not only in the lifestyle of people but also in the conventional business model marketing is accustomed to. The supplies in the offline essential stores are uncertain; also the norms of social distancing are often hampered in offline payment transactions which make e-commerce more sought after now. The digital medium is doubling in its charm, appeal and can be considered the best medium given the current circumstances when people are quarantined almost the world over. Digital marketing and advertising definitely needs acceleration over its counterparts when people are glued to the online media. Some digital marketing strategies need to be adapted as per the situation.


Get creative and reinvigorate the website

During the lockdown, the companies cannot afford to break the social distancing norms; hence appointing a special team of content creators working from the comfort of their homes is necessary to help propagate their businesses in a way that it reaches the maximum active traffic. The correctly curated content will help brands reach on top of the search engine page on the mobile media too. Also, now is the time to buckle up your shoes and get creative and reinvigorate the website with up to date information and perfect emergency guidelines required temporarily.


Become data centric and responsive

The real time chat messaging helps display faster responsiveness.  Also, AI operated chat bots can keep a track on the time and sites the customers are visiting and understand what they really want with the data collection techniques in these changed lifestyle scenario. Accordingly, the brands can use the evergreen email marketing tool to increase the marketing coverage and bandwidth.


Digital ads and Social media dependence

Social media contains a storehouse of information. People are buzzing like bees on instagram, Facebook and therefore, these are the best channel to target the right audience with the sought after products and giving the right message. Cross selling and upselling opportunities are also brightened here. Promoting social good deeds is also possible for the brands to create a responsible image for the company on the social media.

Live streaming lots of live seminars; going for paid Digital advertisements, using influential marketing with well-known celebrities can do wonders for the brand awareness and engagement needs.

Making available free learning courses online on various sites and such strategies definitely help the brand to remain continuously engaged with the customers.


Using novel tactics

Free learning courses online on the company websites are refreshing marketing mediums which are definitely catching attention in this ripe time. The digital learning hubs like the 15 days certification by TCS definitely gives good potential opportunity to the college fresher’s and professionals to refine and enlarge the scope of their technical skills  and make best use of the time in hand during this coronavirus.

Zoom application is currently the best video conferencing solutions which can be used by the businesses in case of launch of new products or conducting seminars or also for the learning courses. This helps score additional brownie points as more the communication done now, the lesser chances of misinformation caused by bots.


Non aggressive advertisement

Aggressiveness in marketing attempts can boomerang in such times. False claims like the marketed product is having a good protection against coronavirus can hinder the reputation of the brand in the long run as the people dislike being fooled.  Marketing messages with too much humour addition, or messages unsuitable for covid related environ can create a contrary impact. Many marketing Advertisement messages like the finger licking good ad of KFC and the hugging and kissing content in Hershey’s ad have gone for a toss and these messages are required to be tweaked as these fail to adapt with pandemic reality.

Hence, digital marketing in the times of corona is like treading on a tightrope and being careful not to hurt the sentiments or push up the anxiety levels of the people. The creative talent of the marketing content makers are sure to be tested in this scenario as they have to showcase a very responsible and precautionary outlook to the customers.


Be Safe!! Stay at Home during Corona ..