Different Type of Social Media to engage your followers

YRSK | Published: 12-05-21
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Social media has become an important part of our daily life. We’re not just talking about the social media apps like Instagram or Snapchat but the broad category. There are various types of social media available. Starting right from Facebook and YouTube to photographs and blogs, you consume social media content in different forms and from different places. Advertising and marketing on social media have become an integral part of all business owners – whether small or big businesses. Nowadays, learning about social media and how to run marketing campaigns will only help you in increasing your B2B lead generation eventually helping your business in growing.

Why Does Social Media Matter?

Every product has a customer and with the same ideology, different social media has different reasons for which people are drawn to it. The most important reason is the connection. People connect with other people who have the same interests or hobbies. Another reason is their expression of freedom. They can be themselves freely.

For influencers and marketers, social media is one of the best places to grow their business. This can be done by increasing their website traffic or generating leads. B2B digital marketing is easy with social media which simply helps in B2B lead generation.

Below, we have listed different social media that you can use for B2B marketing 

Different Social Medias

1.      Social Networks

This is what mostly defines Social media nowadays. This is not the oldest form of social media but holds an important place in today’s world. This is the place where people share ideas and connect with each other and brands they like.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are examples. The social networks help the brands in targeting the audience in a very friendly way. It gets easier for brands to learn about their competitors and the interests of the targeted audience. With social networks, business benefits through relationship building, lead generation, and many more ways. More preciously Linkedin is an important social networking platform to boost your b2b company’s visibility and traffic generation. 

2.      Media Sharing Platforms

These platforms are the ones where social media like images, videos, and live videos are shared by people and brands. Examples of such platforms are YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and Snapchat. People love these platforms for media content. Businesses benefit from these platforms with brand awareness, audience engagement, lead generation, and others. Many social marketing goals can be met if you are actively using these platforms to grow your business. This is the most consumed content by the people. YouTube is famous for videos and Snapchat and Instagram start with image sharing but also add videos.

3.      Discussion Forums

These platforms are used for sharing information, news, and opinions. Examples of the discussion forums are Quora, Digg, Reddit. These are one of the oldest social media types. Here, people have the option to stay anonymous if they don’t want to be known and still share their opinions in a much free way. If used properly, any B2B lead generation company can benefit from these forums by advertising on them. As these places can be really good for market research, marketers need to be careful how to use these places for their benefit.

4.      Blogging and Publishing Networks

Networks like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Medium are the places where you can create a blog of your own and publish the content of your interest. These places attract people because they get to have a little space of their own without telling about who they are. People create blogs and publish content that can be shared or commented on. In such platforms, the marketing technique that works is content marketing. It can help in building your brand, engaging the audience, and eventually generating leads.

5.      Social Shopping Networks

Social shopping networks are the places where people can follow brands, spot and share finds, and purchases different items. Examples of such networks are Etsy, Polyvore, Fancy. Businesses benefit from these networks by giving awareness, selling products, and increasing engagement. These places have a social element added for their benefit. Pinterest is one such site where you can find buyable pins and they divert you to the shopping websites directly.


Social media is a great way to engage followers and generate leads. All you need to do is understand how a specific social media works, plan your campaign accordingly, and you are good to get quality B2B lead and other benefits that any business owner would want to have.