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What Is Google Tag Manager and Why Your Site Needs It?

Where you are in a B2B business and as a digital marketing strategy, you launch a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign; it involves a synchronized chain reaction of innumerable mini tasks achieved by various members of different teams. Each task accomplished depends on completing the earlier task, which moves at the slowest speed in the line of tasks.

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Digital Marketing in Today’s Context

It was not very long ago, barely fifteen-twenty years ago, that a business in all its facets was characterized by physical interaction whether it was production, marketing, administration or finance. But it was the marketing that was impacted the most by this mode of functioning.

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Is Your Website User-Friendly?

Most B2B websites fail to be organized, engaging and empathetic to customers. Is your website good enough in understanding buyers, as well as their issues? Unfortunately, there are websites of companies offering renowned products, which we often come across, not customer-friendly for various reasons. They look informative but fail to keep the visitors engaged or have a persuasive call to action.

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Data Security, Key to The Success for B2B Marketing Efforts

Data security forming the core of the B2B marketing efforts stems from the customer confidence that the entity concerned exercises due diligence in the collection, processing and transfer of their data. It is in view of the centrality of data security to the stability of the marketing ecosystem that regulatory frameworks such as the GDPR and CCPA have been put in place.

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Account Based Marketing – A Trend to Follow in 2021

For those B2B businesses investing in digital marketing, it is indispensable to contemplate what the post-COVID world would be. Marketing strategies need to be re-evaluated owing to the far-reaching repercussions of the pandemic for what worked earlier may require some change to market successfully and effectively in the post-pandemic world. Sales and marketing teams need to align, which is not easy to achieve.

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All Growth Starts at The End of Your Comfort Zone

As a teenager Vaishali S. ran away far from home to establish herself as a famous fashion designer in Mumbai. In the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, a true story, Chris Gardner, an ordinary salesman, overcomes his gruelling struggles with exemplary grit to realize his dream of becoming a stockbroker.

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Winning Is Not Always The Barometer of Getting Better

For a lot of us, winning is everything. It’s definitely fulfilling and exhilarating, because the ego gets a boost and our confidence soars. Ethical winning can result from either improving oneself constantly or maintaining excellence at an already achieved level. It is a validation for all the efforts one makes to reach the finishing point. The first few times one wins, the novelty is great and provides further motivation to achieve the same consistent results, or better.

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ROI and Why It Is So Important For Your Business

Even in our normal, day to day life, whenever we have to commit our time, energy and money in doing something we tend to ask ‘what do I gain from it?’. Whatever we get from an expenditure of time, energy and money (investment) whether happiness, a sense of self-satisfaction-as from donating for a cause- or a material reward, is the ‘return’ from that investment. No wonder this consideration is so important for a business too. Formally called Return on Investment or ROI. It provides a deep insight into how one’s business. is doing and which areas need improvement to achieve business goals. Now, how does one go about calculating the ROI?

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How to Use Structured Snippets in B2B Marketing

As a B2B marketer, looking for the next big thing is part of the job description. Especially, when the digital landscape is shifting at the speed of light, and the fastest finger does come first. One of the core reasons why Google commands the attention it does is its nature to keep adapting and evolving by keeping its user experience in mind. One such evolution is the rise of structured snippets. Structured snippets, as the name suggests, are excerpts from your site data that inform the searcher about what you offer. It works as a Google Ads extension, allowing you to display a couple of headers beneath your text ads.

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Why Should Your Business Create LinkedIn Stories?

Taking a page from Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, LinkedIn recently bought a ticket for the Stories train. Starting as a testing option for a few users, it was rolled out completely in late 2020.