Are you getting enough quality leads?

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
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Leads are the main source of food or energy that any organization is depended on, without leads no business can grow or can sustain in this highly competitive world. Now let’s define this lead process. This can be divided into two, say traditional way of marketing and digital marketing.

Traditional marketing which consist of cold calls though tele marketing, Paper Advertisement, Leaflets, Hording etc. This way of marketing was good but it has a limitation and high cost involved into it. The main negative reason was the reach, the reach would be very limited for example, if you put up a hording there will be only a limited reach for that as the people who will pass through that will only see.

You need to have a lead generation agency who will give you a mix of traditional as well as digital marketing which will bring you good quality leads to your sales funnel. Because as your sales funnel will grow that much you can feed your sales team with leads.

A lead generation company like YRSK Marketing Pvt Ltd will not only give you leads but also provide you with sales qualified leads with appointment settings. Unlike other agencies YRSK just don’t provide leads but it make sure that you get quality leads which in turn will convert to sales. YRSK make sure that your 80% sales process is complete and you just need to do the 20% of closing the deal

Following are some of the ways where you can get quality leads.

Website:  You need to create a quality website which will showcase all your product or services you offer. Make sure you add a call to action (Contact Form) all the pages of your website. So that it will be easy for the visitor to send in the enquire. For this you require best website development agency.

SEO: Once you have a website ready and in place. You need to promote the website on google and other major search engines. You need to target your keywords in line with your product of services. For example you are into “machine tool manufacturing” so you should target keywords like machine tool manufacturing so that you get relevant leads to your website. SEO requires correct plan and research for the keywords which can be done only by a result oriented lead generation agency like YRSK Marketing

PPC:  PPC is called pay per click. As the name says you need to pay for each click for the ad served on google search result. You need to shortlist the keywords for your business after making a competitor analysis. As you are the owner of the business you are in the best position to choose the keywords or key phrase that people may be looking to search for your business or services. After the keywords is shortlisted you need to make a campaign by making a relevant adcopy based on your business. Once you make the campaign you need to make payment to google and then your ad serving starts on google. By running PPC campaign you make sure you get leads right way without any delay.

Tele Lead Generation: Tele lead is an effective method of lead generation. As you know any activity which involves human touch is highly effective. An effective lead generation like YRSK Marketing which has an ecosystem of call tracking, call recording with accurate and large number of database will be effective to generate quality and sales qualified leads.

A quality and result oriented lead generation agency like YRSK Marketing Pvt Ltd can definitely will help you to achieve your desired results with quality leads.  To get in touch you can visit their website at