All Growth Starts at The End of Your Comfort Zone

YRSK | Published: 11-02-21
As a teenager Vaishali S. ran away far from home to establish herself as a famous fashion designer in Mumbai. In the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, a true story, Chris Gardner, an ordinary salesman, overcomes his gruelling struggles with exemplary grit to realize his dream of becoming a stockbroker.

What do these stories have in common? What did these people do that others didn’t? Simply put, they stepped out of their comfort zone.

A comfort zone is a known way of working where familiar environment and activity provides a sense of safety and control with minimal anxiety. Most people function within their comfort zone. However, if growth is the desired goal, then the only way out is to embrace the unknown. 

The same applies to businesses too. Breaking known boundaries of functioning for growth is never easy. It can be unnerving initially when we attempt to work in lateral ways never tried before. Leaving your comfort zone is painful, for individuals and organisations both. For a brief period, the transition from known to unknown is tough but with persistence rewards are commensurate. 

As humans, when we persist despite uncertainty, the brain forms new neural pathways which rewire us, allaying the transitioning stress. To reach higher potential, one needs to put oneself out there responsibly in action, letting the fear pass its own course, till it fades. The initial discomfort is a good sign, representing an inner reorganisation of previously limiting patterns.