A Comprehensive Ecommerce Marketing Guide

YRSK | Published: 20-05-21
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With the advancement of technology, there are so many businesses that took off. One among them is eCommerce. eCommerce is an online shopping portal. A business that allows different companies to sell online.

So, your online shop should have all arrangements to give users a better shopping experience. Add augmented reality, hassle-free payment to give your customers real life shopping experience and follow new e-commerce design trends to curate an efficient online shop.  

And then comes the obvious issue of reaching your customers hidden in digital profiles. Often they come calling to you. Often you go calling to them and tell them about a life-changing experience you bring. Marketing is the way to reach. When you want them to reach you or when to reach them and tell your stories of changing lives. Let us talk eCommerce marketing to follow up. 

What is eCommerce Marketing?

eCommerce Marketing is all about stories. The story of the customer in your portal imagining herself at her first job interview or the small-time laborer imagining his wife in the lehnga bought saving a year's earning. The ways to tell these stories drive traffic to your online shop and convert them into your customers. eCommerce Marketing can simply help your brands and products to get visibility and also in retaining potential customers or it can tell your stories, the other objectives happen in the background. There are various ways in which marketing strategies can be carried out.

Different Types of eCommerce Marketing

Using different ways to market an eCommerce business generates multiple traffic pathways. When one channel stops working for you, you build your traffic the other way.

Social Media Marketing

This is one of the best ways to get traffic to your e-commerce portal. Social Media like Instagram, Facebook, and other apps have people all over the world. There are so many brands and businesses that have their groups and pages made and millions or thousands of people follow them. Having a way to market to business in such places can get you a good crowd and filtered crowd. You can convert the traffic from these places to customers by offering them your products. Running a campaign on different social media, you can use to divert people to your eCommerce website to increase your sales. In this pandemic almost all brands using social media to reach out to their customers. 

Today every brand has its own business page to connect and communicate with its audience. These platforms give you the opportunity to connect directly with your customers and create awareness about your brand. Use these platforms to share the latest news, festival greetings, your brand’s story or customers' story, discount offer, or deal to engage your customers.

Social media allows businesses to run paid campaigns with objectives like branding, followers increasing, selling. As per your budget, you can create campaigns and reach only to targeted customers. All social media access is free, these platforms don’t take any charges for using these platforms so naturally many businesses take social media activity very causally and do lots of mistakes. Please go through the guidelines and read our blog to avoid common social media mistakes.

Search Engine Marketing

One way of getting the traffic that is interested in your website or product is through the pay-per-click campaign. With these campaigns, you will be charged if a user clicks on the advertisement that you have made. This will help you in getting a filtered and interested crowd and the chances of this user turning into your customer are pretty high.

PPC is a very common digital marketing practice. Giant e-commerce companies like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart spent a big chunk of the budget on PPC. According to a report, in 2017 Amazon wielded an annual marketing budget of $10.070 billion dollars (up 39% from $7.233 billion in 2016). If you have noticed yet, amazon always ranked first when you search any product on a search engine.

SEM creates the opportunity for smaller businesses to compete with giants, by allowing them to pick their battles with continually changing targeting tactics.

With opportunity comes competition. Your year-over-year increase in ad spend may not match your year-over-year reach/revenue increase. Understand your site traffic. Continue to develop and grow your strongest channels.

Handling Ppc marketing is not easy one needs taring and proficiency on the subject. Hire an agency for your SEM and check few basic things before hiring PPC agency. 

Content Marketing

The world consumes content whether it is in the form of words or videos. The strategy to creating content that attracts people to get engaged with your product is what content marketing is all about. Creating the content in form of blogs, videos, or on your eCommerce website can be very useful. Beautiful copy and message or lucrative offer can get you users and you can use to convert them into your valuable customers. 

content Marketing

Email Marketing.

This marketing strategy is a must used. This is not like SEM or SMM but has a very important role to play. Sending emails can have a much higher return than any other marketing way. The users who have signed up for your newsletter are the ones genuinely interested. They are basically the loyal customers of your eCommerce. Once you will have enough data of your customers, you can send them promotional or updated news emails weekly, monthly or quarterly. 


Email Marketing

Faces Canada uses the 'Shop Now’ button on their email campaign to encourage customers for stopping. 

4 Easy-to-Implement eCommerce Marketing Tips

1.MobileApp and Optimization

Today’s generation is familiar and comfortable with online shopping. 95% of teenagers and youth have access to smartphones. So it is compulsory to have user-friendly and mobile-friendly E-commerce websites. If you make your eCommerce website mobile-friendly, the chances for your purchases by a visitor increase by 67%. The world runs on mobiles nowadays and having a mobile-friendly website will only help you.

You can also build a mobile shopping app for your customers. Every eCommerce giants have their own MobileApp which increase sales, purchase frequency. App users exhibit greater product returns. Retail mobile app users are likely to buy a more diverse range of products. Shoppers buy more when they access mobile apps for loyalty rewards programs, product information, and notifications, particularly when they are physically close to a retail store.


2.Customer Loyalty Program

The most important customers that any business can have are loyal ones. These customers stay with your business for longer terms and return every time. By creating a customer loyalty program, you are making them feel appreciated and special. This will simply boost their loyalty and they will stay with you for longer times.

3.Product Reviews

When buying a product, a person would love to know about it from people who have bought it already. This is where reviews help. You can send a follow-up email or call the customers for a review after the product delivery is done. Reviews can actually help you in getting more sales.

4.Customer Support

A company that has amazing customer support wins the heart of people. Customer support can actually make your brand and if you provide good customer support to your customers, you can earn loyal customers who will come back for more purchases. You can use live chat, helpdesk, social media, and emails as your customer support services.


Growing a business is not easy but with the help of customers, you can do that. There are various ways to market your product so that you find the audience for your business but you can choose the one that suits you the best. Try all the marketing ways but focus on the one that gets you the most traffic and try converting that traffic into customers, and try to keep your existing customers because loyal customers are more important than once-in-a-while customers.