6 Advanced and Innovative Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
As the years roll on, so does the pace of technology advancement. In this age of digital evolution, there is definitely no reason or choice for modern businesses to move at a snail’s pace or to remain ignorant of the changes in the digital market.

Engaging the customers and enhancing business scope requires firm marketing groundwork.

These 6 advanced and innovative technology trends are great to turn eyeballs of customers towards your business. Both giants and start-ups cannot afford to neglect these in 2020.


1. Responsive Chatbots Stealing The Show

The people inadvertently are being exposed to this modern-day innovative channel of marketing called chatbots. With the chat pop ups on various business brand sites, chatbots have been used unsuspectingly by most of us and are now a commonplace online. To top it all, these live chatbots are manifested with artificial intelligence to talk with customers and also at the same time collect and store database on customer behaviour. This information is then analysed and channelized into making personalised promotional offers, discount offers used by the marketers to make the customers happy and increase sales. 


The chatbot must be highly responsive just like the Lyft chatbot enables a comfort taxi ride experience by enabling booking, payment discharge, as also makes real-time announcement of the arrival status of the driver for pick up via a simple chat message and conversation. The customers appreciate the timely, alert and receptive Chatbots which mimic human-like conversation with the help of artificial intelligence as they do not like to wait. “How was the ride experience?” goes the message once the ride is accomplished. The customers thus, get a chance to review the entire service too. 


Chatbots thus, help not only for sales generation but also enable offering after sales service creating a stronger long term customer relationship. With no customer representative, a 24/7 service online definitely is lucrative and reduces the cost of manpower providing better outcomes for the brands. Be it the banking sector or a tutorial, building a super responsive chatbot can in itself represent the brand and create immense brand value facilitating various business functions like sales, customer support and also act as a feedback channel. It has been observed that customers prefer to get their queries resolved on the chatbot more frequently over any other mode as it is very easy to get the correct responses very quickly with fewer efforts. It is best advisable for all the marketers to follow the bandwagon and create a dynamic marketing interface without any delay to see the difference themselves.


2. Triumph of Private Messaging Services in The Digital Marketing World

The interactive one to one marketing tools in the B2C online retail segment has expanded on the platforms like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and Wechat which have the private messaging mechanism. The research shows these messengers have witnessed more volume of traffic compared to the social media in recent years; the user penetration has crossed 70% worldwide. This is because customers feel comfortable talking directly with the retailers on the chat and get all the solutions quickly. This also boosts the reliability quotient of the retailers. The shoppers who previously used to order the products on the site are now redirected to the messengers like Facebook from the site. The customers are asked to “Subscribe or sign up with Facebook for the update or offers” with the help of pop up notifications on the brand sites.


The shopping transaction is then completed on the messenger service itself using the shopping bots of the brands installed in it. The all-embracing messengers also aid brand recalls with on-going ads and notifications which offer further visibility to the brand. This tool of marketing is much effective for new brands or marketers who can barge in several business-relevant questions to the customers via the chatbots installed on the messenger. This helps customers know what to expect from the brand. Netflix offers some movie suggestions to the subscribed WhatsApp users on their personal chat. Thus, offering product suggestions is a good way to bond with customers.


Cross border payments on checkouts are also plausible with Snapchat messenger platforms being connected with virtual wallet apps called Snapcash where the customers can share their debit card, credit card or bank account details. Complete privacy settings need to be under place on the messengers for payment purposes as the customers need to feel secured and trust the brand.


Everlane shows gratitude to the customers every time the orders are placed and allow real-time confirming of orders as also tracking of shipped goods on its Facebook messenger bot. The marketers can broadcast offer messages to the most perfectly cherry-picked broadcast targeted list of maximum of 256 people present in the Hyperlocal communities or Whatsapp groups curated by the marketers. This helps boosts their local sales. Alongside the messenger bots, the brands can create a Facebook brand page, event pages and administrate a well-tailored local business.


Browsing 10 minutes on brand applications or site is a thing of past, the companies like Buyagift, Oyo now use quicker modes like WhatsApp alerts or Facebook notifications and save customer’s time.


3. Voice Search Marketing Strategy

The Google assistant has a voice command function with a great speech recognition system which eliminates the need to type. On asking query in the language one wants over the smartphones, the visitors are most often encountered with answers in the form of featured snippets which give a gist of the topmost search result. These are usually in position zero of the search page. Hence, if you want your company to shine on the top of the search engine page and overcome competition, you need to optimise your local SEO content to harmonise with the voice search and quintessentially secure this position zero. Most voice searches are used by visitors asking for local things. Hence, the SEO content must have a local taste and also emphasise on keywords with conversational tone like “I want” or “do I need to” as the voice searches are mostly dialogues like “Where do I need to go to get best air conditioner showroom nearby?”, hence proper research of the voice searches with the help of AI must be done to rank well on the Google pages. Amazon Echo, Siri are the many renditions making life simpler to the customers and more interesting with their voice-enabled conversation feature. Hence, it is very obvious that this voice search has a long way to go and cannot go out of fashion for years to come. Whether tracking orders or just playing your favourite song these voice search chatbots act as true masterpieces. The voice-enabled speakers can be used as the best medium to update the customers with the promotional offers of the brand. The Dominos, for example, has launched its Amazon Echo skill which allows customers to ask queries to Dom the character built personifying the brand. Also, the orders can be placed by setting up an easy order profile in the Dominos app. Similarly, the marketers can set up skills on Echo or use their own voice search recognition technology on their sites which can educate and build brand awareness. As the mobile is never out of sight for the youth and old alike, the brands must formulate mobile-friendly user interfaces, websites that catapult the best results to a voice search.


4. Evergreen SEO Content 

The SEO has not lost its sheen even in the year 2020. Audiovisual ads and short videos can also be accompanied with the content written to make it even more impactful and attention-grabbing. Adding funny anecdotes or funny gifs to the content are the best ways to tickle the funny bone of the customers and generate interest to read further about the brand. The modern-day content writing is now also getting supported with Artificial intelligence. Sharp, crisp content in the form of blogs when featured on the widely engaging social media definitely help target relevant crowd and help skyrocket chances of being on the top of the Google web page or on the featured snippet that is the much desired position zero. The content with the apt keywords properly formulated with the help of the text and voice search analysis definitely can boost the chance to stand tall in the race on the top of the Google pages.


5. Accurate Target Advertising

Right audiences at the right time is definitely a herculean task for the marketers. However, modern-day AI facilitates the tracking of customer behaviour online with the help of cookies. A lot of individual customer information like websites often visited the advertisements or emails clicked; the highest engagement days and time online can be collected with AI. This behavioural and demographic information allows marketers to find genuinely interested buyers and thus target them. Personalisation of marketing is the need of the hour in 2020. Hence, the SEO content and advertisements relevant to the customers can be showcased on the right platform at the right frequency and right time to avoid boredom and add value taking into consideration the Human psychology attributes like attitudes, interests, motivation, opinions definitely drive the marketing stratagem. This is similar to delivering the right food as per the taste preferences on the table to satisfy customers. Hence, Accurate target advertising is best when individual driven and not product-centric.


6. Artificial Intelligence – Smart Business Choice

The artificial intelligence can definitely leave an indelible and progressive mark for your growing business. Taking a plunge into using machine intelligence or robotics unquestionably can reduce human endeavour, and help a more proactive outreach to potential customers. Writing beautiful, articulate and verbose content for the websites and for SEO marketing is a thing of the past. Now, the machine itself churns out meaningful, attention-grabbing content ubiquitous for search engine optimisation. The Google Ad words which have pay per click ads also depend on AI prediction results when targeting customers at the right location and time.


There are many AI tools like chatbots that help personal touch with customers emulating human conversation. The eBay shopbot has the most advanced AI-powered tools which simplify the shopping experience of the customers. AI makes it possible to reduce wastage of time by automatically storing the useful data and elicits the best response when asked for by the customers, thus saving the employees from doing repetitive tasks and making the customers happy.


The Emarsys AI predict customer behaviour and helps manoeuvre business marketing tactics to attain rank number 1 on the search engine. The language processing ability of artificial intelligence has improved intensely hence the people get the best results on searching with voice search or via typing. The future lies in AI, hence it is best to leverage AI components.