5 simple ways to get more b2b sales qualified leads

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
The Majority of business finds it difficult to generate b2b qualified leads for their business and to get the leads companies end up paying huge amount to the lead vendors and outcome is nowhere seen in the sales funnel. Hence companies burn their fingures. This also result into loss of valuable time, energy, resource and above all mental strain hence deviating the focus from conversion to unwanted hassles

B2B sales qualified leads

B2B sales qualified leads are qualified leads that your sales team can approach and close the deal. Most of the companies do have a marketing and sales person who puts the efforts to nurture the leads and also close the deal but that takes lots of time, effort and the main purpose of closing the project is left behind. Hence if the same activity of b2b lead generation is outsourced to a lead generation agency then the companies can focus on sales than on marketing. This way there will be an increase in leads in the sales funnel.

Some of the strategies that can help you get b2b sales qualified leads

1. Shoot cold email and make warm calls

Collection of fresh database of your perspective clients and shoot them email through mail chimp or any other mass email service provider. This will be first step to reach out to the customer. Because frankly no one likes anonymous or marketing calls which we usually get in a day and we tend to ignore the same. But in this cause we can give them a reference to the email which we have sent to them earlier hence hooking the customer will get easier.

2. Nurture leads

Once you get the leads the telecallers nurture leads and pass it to sales team. The sales team then further add in to their sales funnel. Nurturing the leads is a tedious task and can be done only by a reputed and result oriented B2B lead generation agency like YRSK Marketing

3. Add a live chat option on the website

By adding a live chat you are giving an option to the client directly interact with you for your products or services. Because after you do any email campaign the client will go to the website and if they like your products or services they can directly engage with you on live chat instead of filling the contact us page or enquiry page. Since in live chat they get the response immediately without any delay.

4. Optimise your website landing pages

Landing pages are the pages where your product or service is displayed on the website. The Landing pages should contain lead form, some free downloads to read, PDF tour download etc. This will engage customer on your website and chances of getting a lead will increase. Also remember to host the landing page on your website and not on third party landing pages. Including the landing pages  on the website increase SEO ranking of the website.

5. Create a blog and post the contents regularly on it

Create valuable content on the blog and make sure you update the blog on regular basis and share the content on social media to make it viral. In addition to it you can also create some newsletter do that you can keep in touch with your customers on regular basis.


The above are some of the strategies through which you can generate leads to your business. However there are more and different ways to generate leads. You need to work closely with your sales team when you are working on B2B lead generation campaign.