4 questions you should ask yourself about a lead generation company

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
Every company need lead and sales to grow their business. It’s difficult for every company to generate leads in-house. Quality leads are most difficult to generate for any business hence have to choose any good and reputed lead generation agency.

There are lots of lead generation company in the market which makes very difficult to choose from.

Hence it’s always recommended to have a complete knowledge of lead generation company. There may be 4 important reasons which are as below.

Are they familiar to your business?

This is the main question you should as you self and research about the lead generation company before you give the contract to them. You should have you main product to get most number of leads to be promoted so that your sales team can have a big funnel of leads and can close easily.

Have you checked testimonials given by their customers?

Checking their testimonials given by their customers are very important. Do a research and talk to their customers who have taken their services in past. This will make sure that the company is genuine and give quality leads.

Did you check their numbers?

It is always necessary to check the numbers of any lead generation company that you aim to give contract to get leads. Ask them how much leads you provide per month, Is that sales qualified leads, how many leads got converted, do they work on pay per lead model as well.

Did you ask for a business proposal?

You should ask for a business proposal, this makes sure that the company has understood your product and the strategy to promote your product to generate leads. You should request them to send you a comprehensive proposal for your business