10 Most Effective B2B Marketing Strategies for Targeting Small, Local Businesses

YRSK | Published: 18-01-21
Small businesses are varied in terms of sector, size, and structure and also form a large chunk of target audience for bigger business houses. The small businesses research online to get more information as and when any product requirements arise. They try to find the best, supplier who can meet their demands at low cost, with quality products and services.

Small businesses are varied in terms of sector, size, and structure and also form a large chunk of target audience for bigger business houses. The small businesses research online to get more information as and when any product requirements arise. They try to find the best, supplier who can meet their demands at low cost, with quality products and services. The B2B marketing on the digital front thus, needs to be put into full gear to target the local businesses like these. The localisation of business is all the more important in order to get a proper Return on Investment of time, efforts and money in any business.


Familiarize, Endorse to Specific Audience

For this, first and foremost the product must match the local, neighbourhood business requirements. Raising product and brand awareness in this era of internet is not only of primary importance but also another challenge. The modern day artificial intelligence like Google Analytics facilitates tracking of the activities and behaviour of users on the web. The tracing of behavioural actions like the pages and sites visited, the products purchased, the keywords searched, and blog subscriptions made by the small businesses can make possible a further personalised brand interaction and focussed marketing efforts with more meaningful outcomes.   

Email and Mobile Promotional Campaigns

Third party partnerships with the suppliers of complementary products can help make more alluring and lucrative offers like discounts to the small businesses. These offers as also new product and service announcements can also be made via email marketing campaigns. Even group chat facilities on mobile apps like whatsapp can be used for promoting the products faster to a specific and targeted customer segment.

Effective Digital Content Creation- Need of The Hour

The most economical way to reach the business goal of targeting small businesses is via content marketing. The business organisations can increase their visibility in an educational, entertaining and sometimes emotional manner with the help of interesting blogs having the colloquially used keywords. The search activity and business decisions of most local businesses begin with reading blogs and informational content; hence the content quality cannot be compromised. The more the number of quality blogs read, the better the optimisation of the business websites as most blogs backlink the required landing pages on the site. The search engine penalises overstuffing of keywords in the content, hence must be avoided.

Using Visual Aids

The brand recall is perhaps the need of the hour. This requires retargeting of the same prospective customers repeatedly till he gets converted into actual customers. This can be done with newer, interesting guest blogs containing appropriate Google Ad words, photos, charts, info graphics, videos; GIF’s placed in the best locations on the web. Also, the older and boring content of the businesses can be glorified and reposted in the form of an attention grabbing video. This is like old wine in a new bottle. The instructional videos help substantiate the use and quality of the business products, hence these are highly revered and rated positively by the customers as also the search engine rating the brand and site.

Guest Blogs For Higher Endorsement

Guest blogging has increased its charm in the 21st century as your blogs get posted and read on other larger websites with higher traffic.  For a successful attempt, the businesses can choose local marketing agencies who are experienced  and can reach out to the local influencers and bloggers to post your article on their blog and your business can attract attention of these local microbusinesses.

Superior Advantage With Pay Per Click Ads

Spending money on ads posted on the search engine called Pay per click ads can be useful as they need to pay only for the ads getting clicked. This can complement well with the organic marketing strategies. On pay per click ad you can target your customer geographically and by age or by interest or by device. This super targeting algorithm will help your business to reach only your prospected customers. Start PPC campaign now.

Bedeck The Website 

 Website is the mirror of your brand’s online presence. The websites must be secure, easy to load, accessible from the mobile devices, must be high in correspondence value with sales representatives or automated chat bots present to provide solutions promptly and also have customer review section. The website needs to be updated time and again and have a rejuvenating home page. Landing pages can have contact data filling for the incoming visitors to build a stronger database for focussed marketing.

Increasing Positive Customer Appraisals

Proper sales execution is appreciated by the customers. They give affirmative and optimistic reviews and remarks on the site. The review section is very well read by the prospective customers and positive remarks create a magnetic pull and create lead conversions. More the positive remarks, more is the trustworthiness and customer loyalty induced. A bad experience on the site can be counterproductive and can make all the marketing efforts futile.

Social Media for Greater Local Touch

Social media is nowadays buzzing with messages, tweets, stories, ads, hash tags used for the business interest to the fullest measure. Social media can give a huge coverage to target the local lot of customers. The content in the blogs posted definitely must contain the keywords most suitable to the local environ. The higher interactions done pre and post sales through the social media business chat bots, higher the possibility of higher sales generation. Chat bots can be used for problem solving, offering recommendations for selection of products and such useful purposes ameliorating sales propositions by creating a loyalty.

Addressing the customers with some visually delightful creative ads, professionally crafted instructional videos on the product use can definitely facilitate the commercial intent of reaching the smaller businesses even more quickly.

Webinars- Demonstrating Expertise and Quality

 Marketing events, seminars as also contests with lots of giveaways live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and such media outlets create awareness and generate interest and desire among the target audience which ultimately culminates into buying action. Beautiful digital flyers inviting target customers for contests, webinars can be posted well in advance on the social media pages to build up the eagerness and expectation.  Webinars can be in the form of watch party or an information drive or product launch update declaration conducted with the help of presentations by business speakers. It is an interactive session where the questions and doubts of all the participating visitors are cleared at the end of presentation. This is definitely an icebreaker for the people new to the brand and creates a recall for the other visitors.

What are the other steps you taking to target local small business? Let us know.