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Trade Show Lead Generation Services in Mumbai

Along with B2B Lead generation services for various corporate sectors, we
provide leads which are related to B2B tradeshows or various B2B conferences. We
are known for our quality service. We understand organizers target market,
target people, target geographical area and start collecting data for further
qualification as visitors.

Field force for Data: Our representatives visits more
than 100 trade shows/Year and gather real time data on site.

Calling team: We have in-house calling team, who call visitors and explain how
the trade show is important for them. It creates branding effect for the trade
show. Then taking their details is other activities tele calling team do.

Exhibitor Leads: People who want to participate in the tradeshow and
showcase their products/services.

Visitor Leads: People who visit the particular tradeshow and finalize
a purchase for the same.

Conference leads: Right people are contacted to attend/visit your
conference show.

Technical Support: We generate “QR code” for brochures and marketing
collateral with a team of IT experts. QR code is generated for exhibitors who
participate in tradeshows which can be utilised as paperless collateral.


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