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Growing SME’s is our passion!!

Many SME’s, even mid-size company have got advantage of our expert

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead generation program
  • Digital Approach
  • Monitoring system like KPI & KRA

We are consultant to many SME’s, who deal into excellent technical products
but flair of marketing is missing. We bring growth to these companies through
marketing & sales realignment.

We form marketing strategy for yearly, quarterly or monthly. This strategy
sets direction to these company for growth. We also work on existing data lying
dormant in their CRM from long time by activating them throughout marketing
automation process and connect each customers & prospects whom we have deal in
past and set a regular communication with them. Understand their media partners
if it is, improvise ROI on the same.

Lead generation program, which is needed by most of corporates are designed &
being implemented through various marketing events & regular lead generation
Understanding the current market we also give utmost importance to digital
marketing & customer communication through digital approach like social media,
SEO, PPC to connect the dots

Marketing is not only working towards different activities but we also make sure
that that all activities lay down are quantified & workable.
Yes, we set KPI & KRA to measure the progress of work.

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