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Social Media Marketing is where we see use of social media platforms to
promote your products/services. In today’s age, 90% of the total population use
social networking websites to clear their search queries. People join Facebook,
instagram, snapchat to follow their interest field and share that interest. And
also influence their friends and other group to join the groups.
Today marketers have found social media platforms to promote their
products/services. Most web-based social networking sites have inbuilt data
analytics tools, which empower organizations to track the progress, achievement,
and commitment of promotional campaigns.

Many businesses think that Social media is an integral part of their
organization & they also found an increase in their revenue.

Engagement on Social Media: Social media is a place where businesses allow their
viewers to share and express their opinion on the products/services. The
companies can keep a track on their on-going process and change the strategy as
need arises. Social media helps in a two way communication/interaction of
marketer and consumer. Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing help
in educating the customers.


Twitter: Twitter enables organizations to advance their items in
short messages known as tweets constrained to 140 characters. Tweets can contain
content, Hashtag, photograph, video, Animated GIF, Emoji, other internet based
life profiles, etc.

Facebook: Unlike twitter, Facebook helps to provide detailed
information and adding number of related images, videos to help the viewers to
understand the product.

Whatsapp: Whatsapp allows to send customized limited time messages
to single clients. The blue tick & last seen option feature helps in keeping
track when the message was seen. Whatsapp also allows to connect with the DND

Blogs: Blogs allow to provide a description of your
products/services and it also link to your website or any other social media
page. These can be updated on a frequent basis. And also allows to engage with
your customers through discussion, comments.

Social bookmarking sites: Social bookmarking sites are sites on
which Internet people share their pages, articles, blog entries, pictures, and
recordings. Social bookmarking sites play an important role in link building.
These sites bring quality traffic to your website.

YRSK’s Social Media Marketing Services provides you with business solution and
helps in growing brand awareness, website traffic and customer relationship.

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