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SME Consulting in Mumbai

YRSK provides SME Consulting services in Mumbai. We are consultant to many SME’s, who deal into excellent technical products
but flair of marketing is missing. We bring growth to these companies through marketing & sales realignment.

Growing SME’s is our passion!!

Many SME’s, even mid-size company have got advantage of our expert

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead generation program
  • Digital Approach
  • Monitoring system like KPI & KRA

We form marketing strategy for yearly, quarterly or monthly. This strategy
sets direction to these company for growth. We also work on existing data lying
dormant in their CRM from long time by activating them throughout marketing
automation process and connect each customers & prospects whom we have deal in
past and set a regular communication with them. Understand their media partners
if it is, improvise ROI on the same.

Lead generation program, which is needed by most of corporates are designed &
being implemented through various marketing events & regular lead generation
Understanding the current market we also give utmost importance to digital
marketing & customer communication through digital approach like social media,
SEO, PPC to connect the dots

Marketing is not only working towards different activities but we also make sure
that that all activities lay down are quantified & workable.
Yes, we set KPI & KRA to measure the progress of work.

Mumbai is home not only to large corporate but also to a very too large number of small and medium enterprises (SME’s) contributing a sizable chunk of the national economy in terms of production employment and income generation.

Though the large enterprises are the more visible land marks on the national economic landscape it is the SME’s that are the mainstay of national economy owing to their huge potential for employment generation.
Their crucial economic importance of these entities notwithstanding it is anything but easy for them to do business given the complexities of the business and the regulatory environment

It is not difficult to see therefore, why most of the units in this space find it an uphill task to chart out and navigate the path of sustained growth. As it turns out most of them are preoccupied with the production, innovation & operation part. They may have an excellent product that is technologically pretty strong, as is usually also the case they may even have adequate finances but what they
typically lack is the vital ingredient of marketing skills and resources. Most of them seem continued to be guided by the conventional business wisdom ‘a product sells itself if it meets a felt need’. But also this is no longer the case.

As things have turned out now technological expertise and financial acumen represent only the basics of the entrepreneurial effort. They go into building only the infrastructure of a business enterprise the superstructure of growth is the function of marketing. And this is an area where almost all of the product and finance oriented units find themselves over whelmed by the sheer complexities of the market place. Enter the market consultant the facilitator, the trouble shooter, the marketing strategist and tactician and above all a trustworthy guide that helps you not to lose your bearings. A marketing consultant helps SME’s optimize their marketing efforts within the limits of their financial resources.

YRSK Marketing & Branding Solutions Pvt Ltd, is a prominent landmark on the landscape of marketing consultancy in Mumbai with an impressive list of clients and a matching track record of complete client satisfaction. The array of services provided by them includes building market strategies, designing sales, initiative pricing public relations, internal and external communications, promotions, monitoring and tracking the end results while working on the overall growth strategy of the clients the company helps them achieve the revenue goals from marketing mapping to sales alignment and from identifying the gap between the target and the actual revenue generation and filling it up through marketing and sales teams YRSK does it all.

With the Indian economy poised a high growth trajectory governments commitment to according high priority to ensuring ease of doing business and the massive strides in ecommerce and digitization and Mumbai being in the epicenter of this momentous paradigm shift in the business scene the SME’s based here are uniquely placed to reap the full advantage of the changes with by tapping into the wealth of expertise experience and excellence of execution of the marketing consultants represented by the like of YRSK Marketing & Branding Solutions Pvt Ltd,

The Company provides marketing & sales consulting to many corporate in Mumbai, India & abroad.  From SME’s to Multinationals at various levels.We are experts in setting up entire Marketing infrastructure for our clients.  We look at long -term company objectives and create a platform for high growth.
It starts from a diagnostic test ofthe existing marketing & sales functionsand goes up to the mapping out the challenges and the opportunities and drawing up an overall actionplan, with measurable results for each of the key aspects of marketing and sales functions.

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Formation of strategies  Action Plan & measurable


We explore new sources of leads, their movability & return on investment.

We also explore new areas of marketing, design programsvertically/Segment wise to make marketing more effective

Marketing strategy, lead programs, branding will not bring expected results

If you do not have a well-trained &responsive sales team

For setting up a sales team we explore the performance gap, trainthe team to be effective to close the deals through effective presentation, knowledge & value selling etc…

If you have any of these areas to work upon … YRSK would be happy to associate with you.

Performance Improvement for SME

Sales force effectiveness
Marketing team effectiveness
Sales tool

Performance of organization can’t improve just to set marketing correctly. So we
need to work closely with sales team & work on sales force effectiveness.

Marketing team effectiveness & end result is somehow depend on sales team
effectiveness & both process of improvement are interlinked and can’t work in
Based on market size, competitor’s presence, own past results we set KPI & KRA
of each person in sales & marketing team. Monitor it regularly to see the exact

Review is very important part of sales force effectiveness. So we do it &
mobilize team

SME Improve:

We don’t transform but certainly we improve the way SME’s work by setting
their Goal, Workout on vision & mission on the company.
An organizational mission is an organization’s reason for existence. It often
reflects the values and beliefs of top management or owners. A mission statement
is the broad definition of the organizational mission.

It should guide employees in making decisions and establish what the
organization does. Mission statements are crucial for organizations to prosper
and grow.

We set right process of tracking & monitoring of each activities lie down in the
system. We do set CRM to track & control on organization data & its activity.


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