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SEO is the act of expanding the amount and nature
of activity to your site through organic search results.

Let’s understand what really goes in the Search
Engine Optimization

>> Quality traffic: SEO helps to attract genuine
visitors to your website who are in need of such products/services.

>> Quantity of traffic: Right number of visitors
click on your websites keyword from search engine result page such as Google,
Bing, Yahoo, etc.

>> Organic Search Results: The unpaid traffic comes
from SERPs.

Working of SEO:

The search engine such as Google, Bing or any other has
their web crawler that collects all the information of your websites content
that is found on the internet. These web crawlers bring the 1s and 0s back to
the search engine to build an index. The following index is fed through an
algorithm which helps to match the information with your search query.

The next step is optimization. Optimization is where you
make your sites content the most effective for your readers so that they are
able to understand. Optimizations have various forms like title tags,
description, keywords, linking, anchor text, image optimization, etc. It is all
about seeing to it that the tile tags and description are both informative. 

As a complete digital marketing solution, at YRSK, we offer
SEO services in Mumbai for various corporates. We have been working in this
field to ensure you get sales lead which have better conversion ratio and gives
your organization a high ROI. 


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