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YRSK Marketing is a B2B lead generation company in Mumbai that understand  that B2B Leads are different from B2C Leads where companies run expensive campaigns with hardly any ROI on the huge expenditure involved.

In B2B Leads we give holistic solutions to our clients. It’s not only SMS, it’s not only emailers, and it’s not only “one best approach” to reach the prospects.

Lead generation in Mumbai has been most sought after services in industrial &other sales. Lead generation is most important activity in pre-sales cycle, which leads to ultimate sales result & creating awareness. YRSK Marketing & Branding Solutions Pvt Ltd is such company which was awarded by SME corporation of India on overall lead generation in Mumbai for various corporate.

The company believes that lead generation is just an initiation of consumer interest. Lead generation is a process, which brings many results together like creating or spreading your company name in a large area or to a target market. It may have different forms like emailers, newsletter, tele calling, interest receive, sharing collaterals etc.

Lead generation in Mumbai like any other cities is not easy. It takes lots of effort for marketers to reach target market with right database & prospects through this process, keep them engage thoroughly and hot interest to be passed to the sales team.

B2B Lead generation is not an easy task. It needs lot of understanding on technical knowledge, industrial phycology, data base to reach right people & trick to excite these industrial companies for a particular product. Create awareness in B2B Market. YRSK has proven record in specialized B2B lead generation & helped many B2B Companies in meeting their goal of lead generation & create a pull in the B2B Market.

YRSK has many B2B companies from Europe, USA, Japan & India for lead generation & customer support.

Different ways to generate B2B Lead Generation Online.

1.Tele Calling: We have in house dedicated tele calling team that will generate good quality leads for B2B industry. The team is well experienced in tele calling and reach potential clients and give you relevant leads for your company. The team contacts decision makers of the company. So, that you can get the most important lead. YRSK understands that lead generation is an integral part of any company. The enquiries that we generate are not very raw. We make sure that the company requires your products and services thus making sure the conversion ratio is high.

2.Email Marketing: One of the most important factor for lead generation. We have experts and in house trained executives that works on email marketing for your company. We handpick each email id carefully for your business so that the emails don’t go to spam folder. We target all b2b industries so that you can get better ROI for your business.

3.Digital Marketing: Digital marking is the modern-day technique for marketing that is performed digitally or online. This consists of optimizing / promoting your website in search engines such as google for any keywords that you target to get business for your company. We make sure you get relevant leads through SEO, Social media, blogs, PPC etc.


We have association with many big companies & we have added great value to their marketing & sales endeavour

We have right infrastructure!!! 

Lead Generation expert
Team of 50 people +

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Finally we talk numbers!!!

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