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Customer engagement is very important for any corporates. It is easy to retain a customer than create a new one. Researchers say the effort is only 1/4th in retaining a customer than create a new one. To engage your customers, you need to be able to communicate with them in a way that suits them. A generic survey sent days after an interaction just won’t cut it in a serious VoC Program —engaging customers’ needs to be immediate and audience-led.

One way regular communication to engage:

1) We do feedback survey that is used for measuring customer satisfaction & analyze who all are on verge of change
2) Regular publishing on newsletter for the existing customer to engage them at regular interval
3) Communication of product launch & price increase in a ultimate sensitive way

Create a 2 way dialogue to interact & action:

feedbackRespond to customers after they provide feedback so they know you’re listening and taking action. When feedback disappears into a black hole, so does customer engagement

Multi-channel feedback: Automatically launch email surveys after a purchase, send SMS surveys, or enable customers to send you photos of their experience while it is still taking place. Build the Voice of the Customer into the experience itself, and engage customers when it matters most.

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