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  • Pay Per Click Advertising Model

    The PPC model is the online advertising model. The advertiser pays a certain amount of money to rank the website keywords in the search result page and is only charged for when a visitor with a similar search query clicks on the link. An exampl

  • Social Media Marketing Services

    Social Media Marketing is where we see use of social media platforms to promote your products/services. In today’s age, 90% of the total population use social networking websites to clear their search queries. People join Facebook, instagram,

  • SEO Services in Mumbai

    SEO is the act of expanding the amount and nature of activity to your site through organic search results. Let’s understand what really goes in the Search Engine Optimization. >> Quality traffic: SEO helps to attract genuine visitors to

  • Trade Show Lead Generation Services in Mumbai

    Along with B2B Lead generation services for various corporate sectors, we provide leads which are related to B2B tradeshows or various B2B conferences. We are known for our quality service. We understand organizers target market, target people,

  • Digital Leads

    Email Marketing: Email marketing is the form of direct marketing which targets the consumers to promote the services or products through electronic mail. With email marketing, you can avoid the printing space or any other cost and achieve your t

  • Segments in which we generate Leads

    Manufacturing   Service Miscellaneous Categories Food & Beverages Industrial  Engineering  Automotive  Building  & Construction  Home & Office&nbs

  • B2C Lead Generation Company in Mumbai

    At YRSK, with B2B lead generation, we are expanding in the B2C lead generation segment. We develop a strategic marketing plan for generating leads in the segments such as home loan, retails, real estate, ecommerce, insurance and many more. We he

  • Digital lead generation services in Mumbai

    The advertising of products, services by means of one or more online sources results in analysing the marketing campaign in real time is termed as Digital Marketing. In digital marketing, the digital marketer checks what is being seen, how frequ

  • SME Consulting in Mumbai

    YRSK provides SME Consulting services in Mumbai. We are consultant to many SME’s, who deal into excellent technical products but flair of marketing is missing. We bring growth to these companies through marketing & sales realignment. Growing

  • CRM and Data Cleansing

    Data cleansing/ cleaning reflects the process of detecting errors, duplicacy, etc. and correcting them from the records or dataset.   At YRSK, we ensure all your data is very accurate, up to date and consistent throughout. We engage in gearing

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